Books and resources

On this page you will find books and resources to help you and your church engage with world mission.

For churches:

To think carefully about sending and supporting missionaries, Andy Johnson’s Missions: How the Local Church Goes Global is a great place to start. We were impressed by how it concisely packed biblical principles of mission, practical guidance and genuinely convicting challenges into such a small book.

Take a look also at the Friendship First course, available from Kitab, which is a wonderful starting point in encouraging churches to reach out to Muslims.

For short-termers:

When we engage in short-term mission, it is important to go with the right attitude. Jesus Says Go is a punchy read to give you fresh encouragement to be committed to God’s mission to the nations. If you’re considering short-term mission with a focus on alleviating poverty, we’d recommend When Helping Hurts. It’s a deeply challenging look at the issues surrounding poverty and ways in which we we should — and should not — help.

For evangelists:

Two great books for those considering ministry to Muslims are How Shall They Hear? and the slightly shorter Engaging with MuslimsBoth give the basics of Islamic belief and practice, with practical advice on how to reach out to them with love and grace. How Shall They Hear? also has a very useful section which gives answers to some common questions from Muslims. For a taste of these, see a series of articles by Hicham here.

We’ve previously partnered with BibleMesh to provide mentorship to the Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus course, which is an excellent introduction to Islam and apologetics. For more study, the Encountering the World of Islam course and textbook are well worth a look.

For cross-cultural workers:

Working cross-culturally as a family can be a challenge, but Marion Knell’s Families on the Move is here to help. This light-hearted book is full of useful advice and guidance for those living with Third Culture Kids. A more general look at working cross-culturally is Duane Elmer’s Cross-Cultural Servanthood. Highly practical, this book unpacks key concepts of bridging cultural barriers, helping us to get our attitudes right. Finally, if you’re looking at raising support, Myles Wilson’s Funding the Family Business is just what you need.

For specialists:

If you’d like to grapple at a deeper level with the issues surrounding mission in an Islamic context, you might be interested in Sam Schlorff’s Missiological Models in Ministry to Muslims. This useful book examines different models of contextualisation, including both historical and contemporary approaches.

All Nations Christian College offers a range of courses on missional topics, including online study, as does Redcliffe College.

For those supporting refugees, or thinking about beginning a ministry in this area, have a look at Redcliffe’s online Refugee Worker Training.

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