Go Long Term

How could God use me?

We all want to be useful in God’s Kingdom. We want our lives to count for something in God’s eternal purposes. We have all asked the question, ‘How can God use me?’

Perhaps you have wondered if you can make an impact for God in a foreign culture. AWM believes that every Christian is called to be involved in some way in God’s redemptive plan for the nations. It may be that God is shaping you through your career and Christian ministry experience to serve Him in a church-planting team in the Arab world.

Is God calling you to make a difference among Arab people?

Could God use me?

We have workers serving in a variety of ways in Arab communities:

  • Engineers
  • Language teachers
  • Medical staff
  • Business professionals
  • IT specialists
  • Trauma counsellors
  • Admin assistants
  • Project manager
  • Social media analyst
  • … insert your profession here …

Your occupation and gifts in an Arab context

Have you ever considered that your profession may be the door for your gifts to be used in church-planting among an unreached Arab people group? Church-planting teams often represent a variety of occupations within an Arab community. This diversity of involvement in community life allows for a breadth of meaningful relationships. Your qualifications and experience in medicine, engineering, banking, business or education may have great potential to allow you to reach key Arab people with the gospel.

“It’s such a blessing to serve God overseas and do what I love to do at the same time. I’ve had a fantastic twenty years in the Arab world. My passion is to be out in the Muslim world, knowing that I’m the first follower of Jesus that many are likely to meet. It’s a real thrill to have friends that I love and respect. The feelings are mutual. I find that so exciting. Who wouldn’t?”

Daniel* works at a university in the Arab world

Enter and Explore

Involvement in mission in the Arab world is generally a long-term commitment. Consequently, it is often difficult to have a ministry profile completely established before leaving. Most likely, your involvement in church planting in an Arab context will change as you experience the culture, as the ministry context develops and with the natural changes of your life pattern. Rather than trying to determine a fixed ministry plan before going, AWM encourage creative ministry formation. Developing relevant effective ministry often only comes after spending some time in the culture. Many have found that only after living among Arab people for several years, learning the language and integrating into the culture, can they really begin to build relationships and effectively fulfil their role within a church-planting team.

“I’d like to encourage people to consider long-term service, too. Yes, it takes time to learn languages, but once you get there and start loving the people, you’ll start learning the languages. I was hopeless at the start, but despite my weaknesses, God’s grace has never stopped flowing through me to bless others.”


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