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We want to align our hearts with God’s heart for the nations, to grow our knowledge of the needs of the world and how He is working to accomplish His purposes within it.

Take a look at a range of resources, courses and articles that we hope will equip, encourage and inspire you.

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What is an Unreached People Group? What’s the point of a mission agency? How can I reach Muslims on my doorstep? For a great introduction to missional concepts, check out our Short Guide to Mission!

Want to reach Muslims locally? Take a look at our series from workers in the UK.

Got a question about AWM-Pioneers or mission in general? Read our FAQs about mission.

If you want to learn your NAMs from your NAMEs, take a look at our guide to CUA (Commonly Used Acronyms).

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To learn more, look at our recommended books and resources, for churches, short-termers, evangelists and more.

Looking to be equipped for local ministry? Our trainers can come to your church, Christian Union or small group! A range of on-demand courses are available to suit availability and interest.

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If you’re considering going to the nations but have obstacles in your way, the What’s stopping you? series might be an encouragement.

Are you prepared to go? In this series, we look at how we can be equipped for the challenges of mission!

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We have also produced many series of articles on the themes of mission and ministry to Muslims. We hope that these series will inspire you as you join in with God’s mission to Arab people.