BOOK REVIEW – Funding the Family Business

A pressing need

‘The request that Jesus gave almost 2000 years ago for people to pray God would send more people into his harvest is as valid today as it was back then. Yet one of the main factors stopping people from responding to that challenge today is the fear of raising support.’

Funding the Family Business is a workbook from Myles Wilson for those who want practical advice on raising support and partnership. It is full of pragmatic suggestions, presented in an accessible format with anecdotes and exercises to prompt the reader to reflect. If you need to raise support for your ministry or project, then this is a great place to start.

‘Remember, they need to give to you much more than you need to receive their support.’

Giving and the giver

The book begins by outlining the principles that underpin Wilson’s approach: partnership is of benefit to both the giver and the one who receives, but mainly for the one who gives. Receiving support for ministry is shown to be not merely permissible, but actually a Godly use of the resources which he has provided. Biblical examples are given throughout the book to support the approach, which are usually well considered but occasionally verge on proof-texting. Ultimately, Wilson prompts the reader to move their emphasis away from purely financial support, to a more holistic understanding of what it means to raise support, including prayer and deeper partnership. Despite this, finances still remain a central theme throughout the book, as is implied by the title.

The last section of the book is an “Odds and Ends” section, containing more useful tips and the contact details of some helpful organisations.

Proven advice

Overall, Funding the Family Business is a well thought-out and useful book which clearly draws on many years of experience. While it strongly presents a certain view which not all may agree with, the book effectively challenges the negative perceptions attached to fundraising. The advice contained within its pages has already proven to be a vital asset to many a missionary: you may well find the same.

‘Raising support isn’t just about getting the money you need. It is about exploring the relationships God has already given you to see who he has called to be a part of your support team through their finances, prayers and encouragement.’

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