BOOK REVIEW: Engaging with Muslims

Accessible and Informative

John Klaassen’s short read is a great introduction for anyone trying to learn more about their Muslim neighbour. Drawing from nearly twenty years’ of experience of living and serving in North Africa, Klaassen outlines key areas for understanding Islamic beliefs, values and practical advice for engagement. His purpose is to equip the reader to better relate with their Muslim friends. With opportunities for personal reflection and summaries after each chapter, Klaassen communicates in a clear and informal manner. Throughout the book, he demonstrates his passion for relationships and the gospel.

The book is in two parts, ‘Understanding Muslims’ and ‘Engaging with Muslims’. The first part helps communicate everyday norms for a Muslim, helping the reader to understand Muslim views of honour and shame culture, sin and hospitality. This is followed by a brief outline of the major tenets or pillars of Islam. These chapters help to build a basic understanding of Muslim people, whilst also acknowledging the diversity of Muslim peoples across the world.

“It’s important to have a basic overview of what Muslims believe. But it’s equally important to understand the variety of beliefs and practices your friends may have”
Engaging with Muslims
John Klaassen

Building Bridges

The rubber hits the road in the second section as Klaassen outlines key areas for engaging fruitfully with Muslims. He unpacks in detail some good practices for sharing the gospel, with useful examples of Bible passages that will resonate more easily with someone from a Muslim background. His ‘bridges to the gospel’ equip the reader to share the gospel at opportune times in a respectful and effective way. The book’s final chapter offers help to the local church. It is aimed at enabling leaders and their fellowships to engage with this subject and think about how to introduce these ideas in teaching and practice.

In a nut shell

Klaassen’s relational approach coupled with his conviction that everyone should be equipped for personal witness with Muslims makes this a good read. This introduction will deepen the knowledge and passion for all those keen to develop meaningful friendships with Muslim neighbours, and share a desire to impact them spiritually through the good news of Jesus.

“The gospel is wonderful multi-faceted jewel, and in the bible, we are presented with a number of pictures of how we bear shame, and how honour can be restored to the follower of Jesus. These pictures speak powerfully to Muslims”
Engaging with Muslims
John Klaassen

“When you go to their house and they feed you, make sure you do the same when they come to your home. Have fun; love your neighbour; see what God does through you to reach your friend with the gospel!”
Engaging with Muslims
John Klaassen

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Full title: Engaging with Muslims: understanding their world and sharing good news
Author: John Klaassen
Publishers: The Good Book Company UK & USA, 2015, ISBN 978-1-90991-911-2 (UK)
Chapters: Who are these Muslims I meet every day? Pillars of Islam: beliefs and practices, Four keys to fruitful engagement, Bridges to the gospel, Bible passages to share with Muslims, Reaching out as a church

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