Placements (Venture)

What is Venture?

We arrange tailor-made trips for individuals, couples and families seeking to explore cross-cultural ministry in a specific context. We call these short-term trips, Venture placements. In a nutshell:

  • Venture is about preparing you to play your role in God’s global story.
  • Venture placements vary from one month to one year (initially) and are tailor-made.
  • Venture allows you to walk alongside long-termers as they step out in faith to glorify God among the unreached.
  • Venture allows you a taste of the joys and realities of cross-cultural ministry.

A Placement?

Once we discover more of how God is leading you and evaluate your skills and expectations, we are better able to begin sketching a tailor-made trip for you. This assessment is done:

  1. In partnership with the local church.
  2. By discerning what God is already doing in you.
  3. And in conversation with the overseas ministry team.

Is It For Me?

Yes! If you are exploring future possibilities in long-term mission.
Yes! If you are wanting to use your skills to serve alongside cross-cultural workers for a set period of time (up to two years in total).

Read an example of how a Venture placement played a part in one man’s journey to overseas mission.

Did You Know?

Venture placements are particularly popular with language students who value spiritual encouragement from our cross-cultural workers while studying French or Arabic abroad.

What Is Expected From Me If I Apply?

  1. Aged 18 or over
  2. A local church member and in good standing with the church
  3. Apply to provide references from a church leader and two other people – e.g. employer, friend etc.
  4. Completion of the enquiry form and application process
  5. Ability to cover expenses or raise the support needed through their home church and other ministry partners before departure
  6. Agreement with AWM’s Vision, Core Values and Venture policies
  7. Attendance at the orientation before departure and debrief on return.