Give a donation to AWM, PROJECTS AND SPECIFIC WORKERS in only a few clicks.

As well as one-off gifts, there are other ways to support the ministry financially. Below are the 6 most common options people use to maximise their giving to AWM. Any queries please EMAIL us and begin the email ‘Dear Finance team’. We will be happy to help.

1. Regular Giving

We love regular givers and it’s becoming the preferred way for many people to support the ministry! If you want to start giving to AWM on a frequent basis this can be done easily by setting up a standing order.

To help our finance team and to ensure your gift is allocated correctly, please follow these three simple steps.

Request a unique reference number from us, EMAIL The finance team with:

  • Your Full Name
  • Your Postcode
  • The worker or specific project you wish to support (if relevant)

We will reply in a couple of working days with your unique reference number (a combination of your supporter number and the donation destination) and our account details.

Add this unique reference number to the reference section of the standing order you set up on your online banking.


Simply download and complete our standing order form.

Send the completed form and signed gift aid declaration (if applicable) to:

LE11 3WQ

Please note: If you are not on our database yet and have already set a standing order up please EMAIL THE FINANCE TEAM so we can attempt to track your payment and allocate your gift retrospectively. Thank you.

2. Send a Cheque/Charity Voucher

You can pass on your gift by sending a cheque or charity voucher to the office. Make cheques payable to ‘Arab World Ministries’ and send to:

LE11 3WQ

This option is particularly appreciated for larger contributions as we are not charged a processing fee and can allocate the largest possible amount of the gift to the person or project. We can also process Stewardship and Charity Trust vouchers among others.

We accept Charity Aid Foundation and other vouchers

3. Gift Aid

Please also consider signing a Gift Aid Declaration. This could make your gift(s) go further at no extra cost to you. As long as you pay income or capital gains tax at least equal to the gift you have made, we can claim on it.

Click here for our standard Gift Aid Declaration and Standing order form. Or request one by EMAIL.

Please note: We will need your address to be able to claim gift aid on your gift(s). Email if  you have any queries or are not on our database yet.

Gift Aid increases all eligible donations by 25%

4. Give As You Earn

Give As You Earn is the UK’s largest and most popular payroll giving scheme. It is available to all employees and pensioners under PAYE and enables individuals to donate to any charitable organisation in the UK, directly from their payroll and tax-free. For more information about this scheme visit the Charities Aid Foundation website.

5. Easyfundraising

Easyfundraising is an increasingly popular way for supporters to raise money for charities, just by shopping online. You don’t pay anything extra.

So far the scheme has raised over £7 million for causes throughout the UK. For more information visit the Easyfundraising page on our website.

6. Legacy Giving

You may wish to remember the work of AWM in your will. Less than half of British adults have made their wills, yet this simple process can alleviate legal problems for your family. By giving to the work you would not only be helping us financially, you could also help your family save on inheritance tax.

Let us know if you would like a copy of our ‘LEAVING A LEGACY’ brochure which explains how you can leave a lasting legacy in the Arab world. GET IN TOUCH

Any Questions?

You can also email a member of the finance team directly by browsing CONTACT THE STAFF.