Core Values

Arab World Ministries (AWM) is a ministry of Pioneers.

Our particular vision is to glorify God by initiating church-planting movements among Muslim peoples of the Arab world.

The Heart of Pioneers

Each mission organisation has a unique personality, which is shaped by the vision and values of its leaders and members. In Pioneers, our Core Values are critically important. They shed light on our God-given vision and define how we go about fulfilling that vision. They give an important insight into the “heart and soul” of who we are, what we do, and how we do it. Core values do not say everything that is important about Pioneers, but they do highlight our most cherished priorities.

Passion For God

Our passion is to glorify God throughout the nations of the world, through obedience to the Bible and by living and proclaiming the message of salvation through Jesus Christ. It is an act of worship to actively participate in some way in the Great Commission.

Unreached People Groups

Our primary goal is to impact people groups that have had the least opportunity to hear the message of Christ – areas, cultures and people groups where the gospel has yet to be effectively proclaimed.

Church Planting Movements

To us, church planting is not simply grass roots evangelism. It means long term commitment to the process of empowering and equipping local believers to become disciple makers. We seek to participate in church-planting movements through a huge range of diverse and creative activities.

We Work in Teams

Our entire ethos and structure rests on the strength, growth, creativity, diversity and cohesiveness of our teams. Our teams are free to mobilise new workers, set strategic goals and determine their own terms of service, support levels, location and strategy.

Servant Leadership

We have a largely decentralised leadership structure with an interactive approach to decision making. This greatly enhances dialogue, participation and ownership of the decision making process. This core value is also known as participatory servant leadership across the Pioneers mission family.

An Ethos of Grace

We are committed to nurturing an atmosphere of mutual acceptance, open communication and trust. To that end, people are given the freedom to experiment with new ideas and implement creative methods and even if they fail, they can try again. This “ethos of grace” touches all that we do, say and seek to accomplish.

Local Church Partnerships

The local church is central to God’s mission thrust. We seek to establish partnerships with sending churches and, where possible, with local Christians in indigenous churches and with other mission organisations.

Innovation and Flexibility

The message of God’s love in Jesus Christ is timeless but there many ways to communicate this message effectively. We encourage cross-cultural workers to use their gifts, skills, and personalities along with a variety of ministry approaches to introduce Jesus to the people they are witnessing to.