Do you know your DMMs from your DBSs? Any idea what church planting really looks like? How about an unreached people group? The world of cross-cultural mission is full of terminology and concepts that are unfamiliar to many. In this series, we want to demystify some jargon, explain some ideas and hopefully inspire you in how you could play a part in God’s incredible mission to the nations.

What on earth is an unreached people group? 

It’s fair to say that Jesus is pretty famous — he’s probably the most well-known individual on the face of the planet. For this reason, you’d expect that almost everyone has heard the Gospel by now. But the truth is that vast numbers of people across the world have never heard about Jesus and have a very low chance of doing so: they are “unreached people groups”.

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How can you do church planting in the Arab world?

In most of the Arab world, there’s no such thing as a missionary visa, you could get arrested for openly evangelising and people are heavily entrenched in Islam. So, just how can you do church planting?

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What’s the point of a mission agency?

Recent events aside, travelling internationally has generally never been so quick and easy, so you would be forgiven for thinking that mission across cultures is a doddle. Well, if you are considering overseas ministry, joining an agency could be very useful. You don’t necessarily have to be a part of one to be effective in ministry, but there are a number of areas where it could save you a lot of hassle…

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How can I reach out to Muslims closer to home?

Around 3.5 million Muslims live in the UK, with over 44 million living across Europe. That’s a lot of people who have faith, but don’t know the truth about Jesus. What can we do to help?

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