Answering Common Questions from Muslims

The Hicham Series 

Muslims often have many questions when we talk to them about Jesus. In this series, originally published in awmlink magazine, a believer from a Muslim background gives some pointers in how to reply.

Hicham has studied Theology and Islamics and pastors a church in Europe. He’s the author of Your Questions Answered and provides online resources to help Muslims better understand Christ on his WEBSITE. His ministry also has a FACEBOOK page.

Your Bible has Changed! 

Muslims claim that both the Old and New Testament have been changed, and that the Bible is no longer trustworthy. They conclude that it was necessary for Allah to give another book, the Qur’an, in its place. So how can Christians best respond to these claims?

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How can God have a son?

When discussing faith with Muslims, it’s rare for Christians to intentionally bring up the ‘Son of God issue’. Instead, Muslims often introduce the topic by underlining their absolute rejection of it.

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Was Jesus really crucified?

My Muslim friends often tell me, ‘Jesus was taken up to heaven by Allah before they could kill Him. He was not crucified, but a person who looked like Him was put in His place by Allah.’ You could respond with a number of points to help Muslims explore whether their claim has any basis.

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Why don’t Christians believe in the Qur’an?

To a Muslim, the Qur’an is the most precious book and Muhammad is the most revered person in the world. How you respond to these beliefs will set the tone for any future relationship.

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Can religion get me to heaven?

The short answer is absolutely not!

The gospel of grace especially confronts people who believe they can somehow earn a place in heaven or paradise.

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