Are you prepared to go?

Getting ready

There’s lots to think about when preparing to begin ministry in a new or unfamiliar location, culture or people group! Whilst we can’t expect to be ready for everything we might face, in this series we’re exploring the various ways we can equip ourselves to be more effective in cross cultural mission. Are you prepared?


It can be easy to overlook our spiritual lives when the practicalities of mission are so pressing, but being spiritually prepared is foundational in the battlegrounds of ministry.

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Being in a new context brings a whole host of new questions and theological challenges. Having a good grounding in doctrine and being able to interpret the Bible confidently is vital. Part two covers ways we can grow in these areas.

Part one

Part two


One of the key challenges of cross-cultural mission is right there in the name! Living and ministering in new cultures can be difficult and it’s important that we know what to expect.

Part one

Look out for more in this series, coming soon!