BOOK REVIEW: Knowing God to Make Him Known

In this brilliant little book, Ed Scheuerman has provided a great resource for anyone considering overseas cross-cultural mission. It is a careful blend of theological reflection, spiritual guidance and practical advice, grounded in experience of serving in mission as a former field leader with Pioneers.

Theology in action

‘A proper understanding of God is foundational to living a life that attempts to glorify Him.’

At the core of this book is a belief that by knowing more deeply who God is, we can be more effective in our service of Him. Drawing on the work of A.W. Tozer, Scheuerman takes us through different attributes of God, such as His sovereignty, His grace, His transcendence and His goodness. Rather than these merely being seen as abstract concepts however, the book shows how each is deeply relevant to the experience of cross-cultural mission workers. Each aspect of God encourages and shapes our perspective at different stages in the process.

The journey of a worker

The book is arranged into four parts, reflecting the stages in the life of a cross-cultural worker: pre-field, departure and entry, on-field ministry, and return. Each of these is broken down further into the steps involved, with key principles of living cross-culturally explained throughout. Chapters look at key passages of Scripture which illustrate these attributes, show how they are applied at each step, and share stories which further reinforce their importance. Finally, the chapters end with questions for reflection.

This structure makes the book especially useful, both as part of initial preparation for a prospective missionary and throughout service as challenges arise.

A companion through life

This book would be a great addition to many a missionary’s bookshelf or e-reader. It is an important reminder in each season of life that our answers, hope, and encouragement are grounded in the One we serve.

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