BOOK REVIEW – How shall they hear?

A personal experience

The author, E.M. Hicham, comes from a Muslim background and was transformed by the message of Jesus while studying in France. His book is rich with valuable insights into how to share the good news in meaningful ways with Muslims. He speaks from his experience of spending time each week in personal witness to Muslims, as well as leading a Christian literature and outreach ministry to Muslims.

‘(Love) is the only thing with which a Muslim cannot argue.’ p138

Empowered by prayer and love

This book starts with an introduction to the Islamic religion, outlining the differences between Sunni and Shia groups and their common beliefs on heaven, sin and salvation. From this we are able to compare and contrast Christianity and Islam, in order to understand the basis of the Muslim faith in a way that is both respectful and informed.

The author draws from his own life and faith journey, describing what particular aspects drew him to the person of Jesus. He points us toward our most powerful tools of all – prayer and love! We are not expected to reach Muslims in our own strength but instead with the help of the Holy Spirit.

What is different about Christianity?

This book challenges the assumption that both Muslims and Christians believe in the same God, and it unpacks why followers of Jesus should try to reach out to Muslims. Hicham does this by exploring and comparing the characteristics of the God of the Bible and the Muslim worldview.

There are many practicalities and difficulties when communicating the gospel to Muslims. However, this book outlines the misconceptions that are frequently raised when Christians are engaged in spiritual conversations about their faith. In addition, it addresses some of the answers to the tough questions that often come up. This book is designed to equip every Christian to give a faithful and gracious response to Muslim objections about the Christian faith.

Finally, the book concludes by looking at what the practicalities look like for a Muslim leaving Islam to follow Jesus.

‘We have a fantastic message to deliver, so let’s deliver it with joy, mindful of the new life we have as a result of the gospel of our glorious Saviour Jesus Christ.’ p290


Full title: How Shall They Hear? Sharing Your Christian Faith with Muslims
Author: E.M.Hicham
Publishers: Ambassador International, 2009

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