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Frequently Asked Questions...

If you’re thinking about how you can get involved in cross-cultural mission, you probably have some questions. Maybe you’d like to know more about who we are, or about what ministry looks like among Arab peoples. If you can’t find the answers you’re looking for here, why not get in touch?

Does AWM represent a particular denomination?

No, we are an evangelical, international and inter-denominational organisation. We unite around core Christian beliefs and seek to serve the worldwide Body of Christ.


We are also guided by our core values and encourage a team-based approach to cross-cultural ministry.


Where does AWM send to?

We have a focus on people of the Arab world, meaning that we send to teams which minister among these people groups. Typically these are Arabic speaking groups with a strong Muslim identity. Many of these are in North Africa and the Middle East, but there are also teams working in diaspora communities across Europe, including the UK.

For more information, go to WHERE COULD YOU GO?.

Am I too young or too old to be involved?

Our lower age limit is eighteen years old.  However, as long as health allows there is no upper age limit!

More important than age is a recognised call of God plus the necessary spiritual and emotional maturity to adapt to cross-cultural ministry.

Can I do a gap year or university placement with AWM?

Yes! We’ve had many people choose Venture trips and go with us for their university year abroad or gap year. Venture is a tailor-made placement in one of our long-term teams lasting between a month and a year.

Check out our Go Short Term page for more details.

I have a family; can I still be involved with AWM?

Yes, of course. Many of our members have gone to serve in the Arab world as a family, or have raised children in the region. Children can be a wonderful way of opening doors for cross-cultural ministry, but we know there are challenges in that setting too. The education opportunities, for example,  differ country to country — some families have opted for home schooling whilst others have enrolled in international or local schools. There are lots of resources we can recommend to help you think through the implications of serving the Lord as a family.

If you’d like to chat more about this, contact Helen, our Human Resource Director. EMAIL HELEN

What sort of training do you offer?

The amount and nature of training received will depend on the type of trip you go on.

For short-term Edge teams and Venture placements, we typically give a day’s orientation before you leave, in addition to online training modules. Short-term volunteers also undergo on-field orientation.

To prepare our long-term workers, we work with them to produce a Personal Development Plan which is tailor-made to their ministry experience so far. This is a list of training areas that we require workers to be prepared in, such as cross-cultural awareness, personal resilience and theological understanding.

How a worker fulfils these requirements is flexible as no two situations are alike! We have resources and courses that we recommend, alongside providing encouragement and ongoing guidance. Before a long-term worker is launched into cross-cultural ministry, they will normally receive a time of orientation to cover some final essentials.

Whether long or short-term, a mission mobiliser will work closely with you throughout the preparation process. For more on our approach to preparing people for mission, read HOW WE HELP YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

Can we book a speaker to hear more?

Yes! We have a team of speakers who would love to come and encourage your church, prayer group or Christian Union. For more information see BOOK A SPEAKER.

How does AWM relate to Pioneers?

We became part of the international Pioneers family in 2011. As a sending office of the organisation, our members join teams with other Pioneers workers, sent from all over the world. It’s a huge blessing to be a part of such a movement.

As a charity, we continue to have an organisational focus on the Arab world and work closely with our Pioneers UK sister office, who have a broader remit.

To find out more about Pioneers around the world, click HERE.

Why serve in the Arab world?

The Arab world is a very significant place, in a multitude of ways. Aside from the economic and political influence the region holds, it’s also the birthplace and spiritual heartland of Islam.

Jesus loves Arab Muslims and the spiritual and practical needs of people in this region are huge. We only need to follow the news to see how much people need to hear the message of lasting hope found only in Christ.

We are also witnessing in recent years the Lord move in unprecedented ways across the Muslim world from North Africa to the Arabian Peninsula. Many are choosing to follow Jesus Christ for the first time. It’s an exciting time to join in with what God is doing in building His Kingdom in the Arab world.

What is an Unreached People Group?

Unreached People Groups are a way that mission agencies and specialists can think about the task of world mission. People may be categorised by traits such as language, culture and ethnicity. If such a group is referred to as “unreached”, then it is not thought to contain enough Christians to evangelise the rest of that group.


How is ministry done in the UK?

Our teams are involved in a range of ministries throughout the country, from evangelism on the streets to church outreach projects. When it comes to reaching out to Muslims in the UK, one of the most effective approaches is to build friendships. As in the Arab world, our workers spend much of their time with people, eating together, showing love to them and having meaningful conversations.

To see more about how you could reach out to Muslims in your community, click here.

How is ministry done in the Arab world?

Because of the challenges of the Arab world, ministry may look quite different from many parts of the world. There is naturally a certain amount of caution that is required. However, despite this, many aspects of ministry may look very similar to the way that many Christians evangelise each day: building friendships and looking for opportunities to use their vocations and life circumstances to reach out to those around them.

Using media also has great importance in the Arab world. For instance, ARAB WORLD MEDIA sees hundreds of people come to faith each year through the use of social media, online videos and advertising campaigns.

To see some of the church-planting principles that are often used by workers, click here.

How can I answer questions from Muslims?

When Muslims encounter Christians, they often have difficult questions. As well as genuine curiosity, challenges to Christian beliefs may also come in the form of queries; Islam has a dramatically different view of a range of topics, including fundamentals such as the divinity of Christ, the Trinity and salvation.

When answering questions, even ones which seem pointed, we must remember that we are witnesses to Christ. The manner in which we answer them, speaking the truth in love, will speak volumes.

There isn’t necessarily an easy or quick answer to many of these areas, but for some starting points, take a look at this series written by a Christian from a Muslim background. If you don’t know how to answer a particular question, remember that it is nearly always better to admit so, but explain that you will do some research, than to rush a half-formed response.

What is the role of mission agencies?

Mission agencies aren’t the only way to do cross-cultural mission, but we think they can be a great help in doing so. An agency provides initial advice and help as you prepare to go, gives ongoing support when you are on the mission field, and helps you when you eventually return. Mission agencies often also have a range of short-term opportunities to let you experience cross-cultural ministry.

To see more reasons why joining an agency might be a good idea click here. See also our guide on ‘How do I choose an agency?


How else can I help?

It is vital that there are those who go, but equally important are those who stay! Cross-cultural ministry is only possible because of those who pray, give and inspire others. If you are already supporting us or another agency in some way, thank you!

If you would like to find out more about how you can get involved, please go to SUPPORT.

If you’re looking to support as a church, please click here.