A guide to CUA (Commonly Used Acronyms)

It’s true that in any area of life, acronyms soon make an appearance – the missional world is no different! Here’s a quick glossary of common acronyms that you may come across.


AP: Arabian Peninsula

The peninsula comprising Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Oman and Yemen.


AW: The Arab world

Nations that have a predominately Arabic culture, primarily speak Arabic and may be members of the Arab League. Exact definitions vary.


BMB: Believer from a Muslim Background

A Christian who was previously a Muslim, or culturally Islamic. Also known as a MBB: Muslim Background Believer.


CPM: Church Planting Movement

A phenomenon where churches plant more churches in rapid succession, leading to incredible reproduction.


DBS: Discovery Bible Study

A particular style of Bible study which is aimed at allowing participants to discover the Bible for themselves, with an emphasis on asking questions of the text. See https://www.dbsguide.org/


DMM: Disciple Making Movement

Sometimes used interchangeably with CPM, DMM commonly describes a particular method of church planting which aims to use simple, easily taught techniques to encourage growth.


HMA: Home Ministry Assignment

Traditionally known as furlough, a time for mission workers to be away from their ministry for reflection and reconnecting with friends, family and their sending church.


NAM: the North Africa Mission

One of our previous iterations, used from 1888 until we expanded to be Arab World Ministries in 1987.


NAME: North Africa and Middle East

A region that includes countries of North Africa and the Middle East, although the exact countries included varies. Also known as MENA or SWANA (Southwest Asia and North Africa).


TCK: Third Culture Kid

A child who has grown up in a culture that is not of their parents, leading to a mixed cultural view of the world. Also known as an MK: Miss(ionary) Kid

For more information on cross-cultural mission, have a look at our Short Guide to Mission, or our FAQs on Mission.