What’s stopping you?

Barriers to going

It can be thrilling when you first sense the call to serve in overseas mission! The excitement continues as you begin to explore what that might look like in practice – discerning where and how you want to serve and discussing possibilities with a mission agency. But over time, the process of preparing to go can become quite daunting as some of its realities begin to set in.

In this series we take an honest look at some of the obstacles that can be in the way of you following your calling to serve overseas, and how God is at work in the midst of it all.

I’m not cut out for mission!

Have you ever felt called to overseas mission but thought you weren’t the right person to go? When thinking about engaging in cross-cultural mission, sometimes we can feel like the biggest barrier is ourselves.

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God in the waiting

It can take years of preparation before reaching the mission field. It can feel like an ‘in-between time’ in which it’s easy to become discouraged and frustrated, and to question whether you heard God’s call correctly.

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Counting the cost

Following God’s call to overseas mission is one of the most rewarding, life-giving things you can do. But it can also involve making painful, personal sacrifices. There are heavy costs involved, and it’s so important to be prepared for them.

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Raising personal support

Raising support for mission can be a daunting experience; the idea of asking people for money might fill you with dread. It may feel like begging for money, but it is actually about building partnerships that are a mutual blessing.

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