Barriers to the gospel

Stumbling blocks, hurdles and barriers

Why don’t Muslims become Christians? What stumbling blocks and barriers stand in their way?

In this series of three articles, we look at a few key areas of concern. Although every Muslim person will have their own concerns and questions, there are queries that are common to many from this background. We can consider these to help us to think more intentionally about how we share the gospel, and how we pray for our Muslim friends and neighbours. This last point is crucial, because without the Holy Spirit’s work in their lives, none of these barriers will be broken down.

Theological hurdles

Although Christianity and Islam have many shared points of reference, there are also significant theological barriers – points where Christian beliefs are so contrasting with the Islamic worldview that it is hard for Muslims to accept them.

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The perception of Christians

Some of the biggest stumbling blocks for Muslims are not found in Christianity itself, but in the perception of how Christians are said to live. Challenging these perceptions is an important way to remove stumbling blocks.

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Why do Muslims come to Christ?

Despite the significant barriers that may stand in their way, many Muslim people are coming to Jesus. What draws them to Him? Why do Muslims choose to become Christians?

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