BLOG: Why do Muslims come to Christ?

This article is part of our series, ‘Barriers to the gospel’, where we explore a few areas of concern that Muslims have about Christianity and how we can respond to them.

Over the last couple of articles, we’ve considered some of the common barriers and stumbling blocks to the gospel, but it’s also important for us to understand why Muslims come to Christ.


Reasons for hope

In 2007 a report was compiled from Fuller Theological Seminary of 750 believers from a Muslim background from 30 countries which looked at the reasons they had chosen to put their faith in Christ.[1] These were the top five reasons given:

The lifestyle of Christians

The moral example of Christians was a powerful witness to their Muslim friends and colleagues of the work of Christ in them. This should be a challenge to us. Our integrity, honesty, and righteousness (or lack of) will be noted by those around us. May our light shine before them, that they may praise our Father in heaven.


Answered prayer and miracles

Praying in the name of Jesus is powerful. When Muslims witness answered prayers, they see this power at work. Furthermore, it is a common testimony that Jesus appears to Muslims in dreams and visions – often as a man dressed in white. This was even reported by Lilias Trotter (a 19th century missionary in Algeria and one of our founders) in her diaries. May this prompt us to eagerly pray for Muslims to encounter Christ.


Dissatisfaction with Islam

Whether in a particularly strict form of Islam, an extreme interpretation, or a more moderate version, those from a Muslim background often begin their journey to Christ by being dissatisfied with the type of Islam they had received. It is our joy as Christians to introduce them to a better way.


Spiritual truth in the Bible

Even though the Bible is believed by Muslims to have been corrupted, some come to recognise the truth that it contains. Whether prompted by curiosity, or a desire to read the ‘previous’ books given by God, reading the Bible is a vital step. Let us invite our Muslim friends to read it with us and uncover its truth.


The love of Jesus

Jesus’ actions and teachings can be deeply attractive to those from a Muslim background. Islam has a very high view of Isa al-Masih, seeing Him as a very important prophet. So, even when beginning with a distorted presentation of Jesus, Muslims may be drawn to Him. May we pray that His true identity as Lord and Saviour will be seen.

Summing up

Throughout this short series, we’ve looked at a range of potential stumbling blocks, barriers, and concerns that may prevent Muslims from coming to Jesus. There are often no easy answers to these, but as this list shows, and as we have seen countless times, none of them are insurmountable. We pray that this introduction may inspire you to share the good news of Christ with the Muslim people in your neighbourhood, or further afield.


For some starting points of how to reach out to Muslims locally, take a look at our series from UK based workers.

To read the powerful story of what prompted one particular Muslim man to come to Christ, see our review of Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus.


[1] See pg 242ff. How Shall They Hear? by E.M. Hicham, referencing

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