Letters to the Next Generation

In her ‘Letters to the Next Generation’ of mission workers, long-term worker Christina* shares her insight into some of the challenges and joys of being a cross-cultural worker in the Middle East.

Despite my limitations

Studying Arabic can be challenging, but it is incredibly valuable in reaching Arab Muslims for Christ. In the first article in this series, Christina shares how learning Arabic has been beneficial to her ministry, despite language learning not coming naturally to her.

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Navigating cross-cultural parenting

Raising children in a mission environment can be incredibly rewarding for both parents and children. But living in a multi-cultural team, in a culture different from the one you grew up in can make parenting a challenge. In this article, Christina explores the unique childhood experience of being a missionary kid.

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One family, many nations

What does a family of believers look like in the Arab world? How can missionaries support and disciple local believers? In this article, Christina shares how those we are ministering to can also be our support group in our ministry context.

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Do I have to sacrifice my career?

If you arrive in the Arab world with the sole intention of evangelising, then you won’t be staying there for long! Your career is vitally important. Your contribution to society and benefit to the country is generally the basis on which you are welcome. In this final article, Christina explores how God can use your career as you minister among Arab peoples.

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