BLOG: Thank you for your partnership

Thank you for partnering with us in this gospel ministry to reach Arab peoples for Christ. Over the last year our mission workers have faced  changes, challenges, highs and lows. Our prayer is that they, and you, will know more deeply something of God’s love and power sustaining you through all the ups and downs of life and ministry.

Here are some of the ways that your support has made a difference in the lives of Arab people:

Sending out new workers

We thank God that three new workers have joined Pioneers teams and been sent out to the mission field in the last financial year to share the gospel with Arab people.

Training new mission workers

Our mission mobilisers helped prepare nearly 200 people for ministry to Arabs over the last year by providing training in Islamics, orientation for mission, and cross-cultural insights for people going both short- and long-term.


Farouk* was the only Christian at his work. His colleagues constantly prodded him to become a Muslim since he was already such a good person. Their questions gave him a passion to see them come to Christ and made him search the scriptures and look for answers. He is now leading discovery Bible studies with six Muslims, four of whom have already decided to follow Christ.

Compassion ministries

We have continued to partner with the local church in Yemen and Lebanon to care for those affected by the ongoing crises in these countries in both their physical and spiritual needs.

Looking forwards

We look forward to supporting our mission workers as they faithfully serve the Lord in the Arab world as well as training and preparing new workers to go to the field. We are so grateful for your generosity, through which we can provide this support and training as we seek to play our part in the growth of the Church in the Arab world – for the glory of Christ. Thank you for your continued partnership.

If you’d like to find out more about how you can support mission to Arab people, view our latest appeal, give online, or get in touch.

*Name changed to protect identities.

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