APPEAL: Can you help share the hope of Christ online?

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Have you ever thought about how media can be used to share the gospel? In a place where face-to-face evangelism can be risky, media plays an important role in sharing the gospel in the Arab world. Arab World Media has been using media to reach Arab Muslims for over 60 years. Starting with radio, they are now focusing on sharing the message of the gospel online.

By sharing testimonies of believers from a Muslim background and highlighting the good news of Christ on platforms such as Facebook, they are inviting Arab Muslims to begin asking questions about the Christian faith. A team of media responders, some from a Muslim background, are ready to respond to every person who gets in touch and share the good news of Jesus Christ.

Will you help them walk alongside Arabs seeking Christ?

Baaqa* encountered the peace of Christ online

One evening, while scrolling through his Facebook feed, Baaqa came across a short video clip, created by Arab World Media, that featured a North African Christian named Idris*. He was intrigued by Idris’s story of how Christ had changed his life and how he had stayed steadfast in his faith, even when he was put in prison for his beliefs.

Baaqa reflected on his own Muslim faith. He believed he had been living as a good Muslim, fasting and praying. Yet he never felt the inner peace that he and his friends had spoken about. Instead, he felt empty. So, he decided to get in touch with someone from the media team. Arshad* quickly responded to him. He spent time answering Baaqa’s many questions about theology and explained the differences between Islam and Christianity.

During their conversation, Baaqa shared that he was feeling different. He felt a deep peace and reassurance, unlike anything he had ever felt. He shared how wonderful it was to finally know that Christ is the way, the truth and the life. Arshad prayed with him, and Baaqa surrendered his life to the Lord.

Walking alongside seekers of truth

Media responders like Arshad are supporting Arabs as they seek the truth of Christ and decide to put their faith in Christ. They help them as they struggle through questions about Christianity and face the realities of living as a believer in the Arab world. Where possible, new believers like Baaqa are introduced to local believers, those from a Muslim background or mission workers in their area, to disciple them in their faith.

There are so many people like Baaqa in the Arab world who are stirred by the Christian message they see on their screens and begin to wrestle with the truth with media responders.

Will you support this media ministry as they share the good news of Christ and walk alongside Arabs seeking the peace and truth of Christ?

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*Names changed to protect identities.

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