BLOG: What did a Venture placement mean to you?

A Venture placement is tailor-made for individuals, couples or families exploring cross-cultural mission work. For many, it has been an important experience in preparing to go and helping discern where God is leading long-term. We caught up with Jacob*, a former Venture participant, to see what the experience meant for him!

Why did you decide to do a Venture placement?

The Lord had been leading me to the mission field for a number of years. In seeking to discern this calling, I had already gone on an Edge trip which was really helpful, so when I heard about the Venture opportunity I thought it would be a good next step. This specific opportunity was to go for just under a month and engage with a people group I was currently involved in ministering among at home. I mentioned that I was considering this opportunity at a church prayer meeting, and God led someone in my congregation to provide the funds I needed, which was further confirmation that I should go for it!


What kind of things did you get up to?

I ate loads of falafel! Apart from that, I worked alongside a local NGO in refugee camps where we provided practical help by washing people’s clothes with mobile washing machines. While some members of the team were washing, others taught Bible stories to kids from around the camp. I had the opportunity to help with the cleaning, to deliver the stories and also to talk to people in the camp, trying to show them love. I also helped the long-term team prepare for an outreach to local schools by participating in plays that conveyed truths of the Bible.


What were your biggest takeaways from the placement?

I experienced in a new way the unity of the global church family, and how God is the same God no matter where you are in the world. That was really encouraging. The other thing I took away that prepared me for longer term ministry was a more realistic expectations of what team life will look like. We were working in team comprised of many different cultures, and I soon realised that sharing a language with people isn’t the same as sharing a culture! Working in refugee camps also showed me that by spending time with the type of people that Christ spent time with on earth – the needy, those on the margins of society – we are given opportunities to show His love and proclaim the good news of who He is.


Things may be uncertain now, but we’re looking forward to the day when we can send you on a Venture placement that fits your skills and helps you discern God’s leading in your life!  If you’re interested to find out more, click here, or click here to enquire now.


*Name changed and library image used

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