BLOG: Fruitful as Family – Part two

In Part 1 of this series, we heard about some of the challenges and opportunities of serving on the mission field as a family in the Middle East.

We asked the same questions to a family serving in North Africa to get their perspective.


What are the challenges of living as a family in the Arab world?

In many parts of the Arab world there are quite strong expectations for men, women and children that often differ from those of the UK. The domain of men is often perceived to be outside the house and the domain of women and children to be in the house. There are also different attitudes to discipline, bed time, routine, etc.  It can be challenging to be living differently to the prevailing culture.


What are the opportunities of living as a family in the Arab world?

Ministry often occurs family to family. So, as a man I might befriend another man in a café while watching football, but then our families will get together. As such, one contact can multiply opportunities for friendship and ministry.


What does community and team look like for your family?

As families in our team, we seek to support each other through meals and socials. The older children in our team are great witnesses and examples to our children who are younger. We also seek to be a family to the single people on our team.


What does fun and relaxation look like for your family?

We like to go to the beach, or to a restaurant with a play area. One thing we can testify is that our children have had wonderful experiences that they never would have had if they were living in the UK.


What does education/childcare look like for your family?

We share childcare with our teammates when we need to, but this is unusual. Due to the flexible nature of our work we get lots of quality time with our children. When our children are older, we plan to send them to a French school of which there are many.


What would you say to a couple who are hesitant to go overseas with children?

We would encourage them that God is with you wherever you go. He loves you and your family and your children more than you can possibly imagine. There are challenges for individuals and families overseas that are different from those that you would face in the UK/the West, but we can really testify that God works together all things for the good of those who love Him (Romans 8:28).


If you and your family feel like God may be calling you to serve on the mission field, we’d love to chat with you and support you in any way we can. Fill out our Explore Further form and one of our mobilisation team will be in contact.


To read Part 1 of this series, click here, to hear from a family serving in Middle East.

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