BLOG: Re-discovering the power of prayer part 2

By Chris B, Church Development Co-ordinator 

‘Jesus never taught his disciples how to preach, only how to pray.’ South African pastor, Andrew Murray.

In the first part of this series, we explored two aspects of prayer that can help us re-discover its power. But even if we re-discover the power of prayer, that doesn’t mean we know how to pray or what to pray for.

Prayer should be outward-focused

I was talking to James*, a worker from North Africa about what he would like prayer for. His answer left a lasting impression. 

‘You are asking the wrong question, Chris, but it is one that I am asked too often. The real question should be, “How can we pray for the people you are working with? How can we pray for your ministry among the unreached?’”

He further explained that he’d prefer 90% of intercessory prayer for his ministry to be directed to the people group he is working among and 10% for himself. In his experience it is usually the other way round.  

I find that really encouraging and challenging at the same time. As much as our workers appreciate prayer for themselves, we need to pray for those they are serving and seeking to bless in the name of Jesus.

Practical tips for praying

One way to ensure you are praying in line with mission priorities is by asking the national believers or cross-cultural workers directly. One North African church leader shared with one of our workers that they would love us to pray regularly for: 

  • Their ongoing protection
  • The Holy Spirit’s indwelling 
  • Their spiritual transformation in the faith 
  • The ability to stand firm, resist the enemy, and find their identity in Christ
  • Perseverance that produces character and hope. 

These five requests are always relevant and significant to pray for. As children of God we have been given the authority of Christ to pray in power and see His Kingdom come in the Arab world. 

Join the prayer movement

In order to pro-actively maintain the passion for praying for the Kingdom to come in the Arab world I recommend praying regularly with others – in small groups or in your church in general. Perhaps you could encourage others to pray for the Arab world with you?

Contact me on if you would like some guidance on running or joining a prayer group for mission among Arab people.

If you haven’t already personally joined in this prayer adventure for the nations of the Arab world, perhaps this lockdown year is the perfect opportunity to begin rediscovering the power of intercessory prayer.  

There are many ways that we can equip you to pray for the Arab world. Why not sign up to our email or print prayer updates here

Image credit: Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

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