BLOG: Raising prayer in your student group for God’s mission

By Hannah W

This year certainly hasn’t been what we expected. I’m sure you’ve felt the impact of this in your student group, from cancelled meetings, to setting up your events online. Well done for what you have been able to achieve. Running a group at university reaching out to others can be difficult at the best of times. The Lord sees what you have done in this season and says ‘Well done my good and faithful servant!’

As you start to think about the new academic year, you probably have lots of questions running through your mind: ‘How can we best welcome new students? How will we promote the Gospel when we can’t meet as a large group?’ Amongst the practicalities, I hope you’re asking ‘How can we still be a community that prays together?’

Unexpected fruit

We’re hearing great stories of people engaging with Christ more in these uncertain times. People who would never step foot in a church are joining Sunday services on Zoom! Pray that you would see this amongst your peers. As you do, will you consider praying for this to happen all over the world? Will you encourage other students to pray for those bringing the Gospel to people groups who’ve never heard it before?

As you start to plan your prayer meetings, your big events and your outreach to international students, we’d love to support you with specific things to pray for. You can find some pointers on how to pray specifically for mission during COVID-19 here.

May you be richly blessed as you return to university and continue to proclaim Christ even in these strange times.

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