BEIRUT BLAST: Three ways to pray

Shaken to the core

The massive explosions in Beirut on 4 August happened so suddenly, and were so extensive, they made global news. If you were shocked by seeing pictures and videos, imagine witnessing it first-hand. Imagine having to practically rebuild your life while dealing with the fear, pain and confusion by something so extreme.


Early estimates indicated that more than 200 people had been killed and 5,000 injured (according to BBC NEWS*).

Scars are only just starting to heal one month on since the blast (according to SKY NEWS*).

News on the ground from Beirut

One of our local contacts who has served for many years in the country, says that this devastating incident has happened on top of what are already testing times. 

‘Lebanon has been experiencing civil unrest with some in the population angry at the government since October. The currency has decreased in value by about 80%. Widespread and extensive power cuts mean you may get electricity for three hours a day. And then there’s coronavirus.’

For some people, hearing a large-scale explosion has brought back painful and traumatic memories of Lebanon’s recent, troubled history.

Three ways to pray into the aftermath

Pray for the nation of Lebanon. It has been in difficult circumstances economically for some time. The explosion in Beirut last week is only adding to the suffering.  Please pray for the God of hope to come and support, comfort and provide for those in need during these difficult times.

Pray for all those ministering in the name of Jesus. We thank God that our contacts in the area are unhurt. But they have all been shaken by the incident. Pray for wisdom and peace for all Christian workers, both ex-pat and local believers, ministering to the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the whole community at this time.

Pray for the Church in Lebanon. Pray for the Body of Christ as it grapples with helping their own fellowships struggling with unemployment and economic hardship, while seeking to step up and serve the country as a whole. May believers be empowered and resourced to demonstrate Christ’s love through words and practical care. Pray that they can show how walking with Jesus can bring lasting hope in the midst of fear and despair.

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