YEMEN APPEAL: Summer 2020 update

Crisis after crisis

The people of Yemen are facing unimaginable suffering. After five years of conflict, political turmoil and food shortages, their loved ones are now dying from the coronavirus too.

Their healthcare system is already devastated. International aid and charity donations are likely to reduce or dry up altogether. The impact on society’s vulnerable –  the frail, pregnant women and children – is severe.

You can read this BBC NEWS article to find out how badly this situation is impacting children.

But you have provided hope

Thank you for the impact you have made through our YEMEN APPEAL.

Between January and July this year, your compassionate response has raised more than £7,800 to support people in need in Yemen.

We are so thankful for our loyal network of individuals and supporting churches.

Your support has met immediate, practical needs, and has provided social and emotional support of those affected. You’ve enabled our local partners to continue making an impact on the ground through their words, actions and timely provisions.

Thank you for bringing hope to Naser

‘I and many others are feeling the great pressure that the spread of this virus has added to our lives. But when I search, I find that we, the believers, carry hope that gives us the certainty that tomorrow will be better and that by the will of our Lord we will pass through this and all the anxieties and fears surrounding us.’ Naser*, a Yemeni believer

Will you continue to make an impact?

We praise God for the generosity of you and others like you who are serving the Lord through financially supporting Yemen in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The people of Yemen are still in desperate need. Your continued partnership will enable us to keep making a lasting difference.

Today, your gift will impact lives in Yemen and help those facing crisis after crisis.

GIVE ONLINE here and specify YEMEN APPEAL to bring hope to those suffering in Yemen.




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