MEDIA APPEAL: Help us reach Arab people during lockdown

Much of the world has been brought to a standstill due to the pandemic. Lockdown, curfew, and social distancing are terms now regularly used in mainstream news. The effects have been felt in the Arab world too, with civil unrest in Lebanon and Yemen.

These times are bringing unprecedented opportunities. Due to lockdown restrictions, Arab people have spent more time online over the last two months during Ramadan, than ever before. The Arab World Media ministry has had to expand their efforts to meet the needs of the 85% increase in visitors, that have gone to their Arabic ministry Facebook page. Miriam is one of fifteen Arab Muslims who have turned to Jesus this Ramadan.

We have exciting news to share about Miriam* whom we prayed for in week two of Ramadan. She had a dream about Jesus, which prompted her to search for answers online. She found our ministry website, wrote to us, and began reading the Bible we gave her to download. Now she’s professed faith in Jesus!

Hannah from the Arab World Media team

Spiritual Impact

This lockdown has not put a stop to ministry through media. Whether chatting to Arab seekers via WhatsApp, posting online advertisements through Google Ads, or sharing thought-provoking videos on YouTube, the team have been working hard to generate interest and maximise the new opportunities for spiritual conversations. People from across the Arab world have continued to get in contact with the team every day throughout this pandemic, but they need your help.

Can you give today to continue this ministry ?

To continue and expand the work of this media ministry to Arab peoples, please consider how you might give towards the needs below:

  1. Internet advertising  

£50 invested in digital advertising will typically lead to 10 Muslims downloading a Bible.

  1. Social media conversations

£100 will help create hope inspiring messages on Facebook, to those without hope.

  1. Creating a mobile app

We are launching a mobile app for the most common smartphones, so that more Arab Muslims will be able to interact safely with a believer in-country. This special project is budgeted at £27,000. With £15,000 already raised, there is a remaining £12,000 required to complete the project. Can you help with your support?

Arab people are still searching for spiritual answers after Ramadan. Whatever you are able to give, will make a difference.

Please click the Give Now to give a single donation. Or, if you would like to give on a monthly basis, please click here for a standing order form.

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