APPEAL: Will you help us build for the future?

Right now, millions of people in the Arab world are yet to experience the joy of the Lord. We have a vision to change this, so that every Arab Muslim has a personal invitation to respond to Christ. We have a vision to see God’s Kingdom built among all Arab peoples – that the true knowledge of God will be built in the hearts and minds of Arab Muslims, wherever they may be found. Can you give towards the fulfillment of this vision today?

How can we build?

Nehemiah’s story in the Bible may be a familiar one to you. While in exile, he gained permission from the king he served, to be released to fulfil his God-given vision. His heart’s desire was to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem for God’s people. Many in Jerusalem came together, to give of themselves and rebuild the walls. We too have vision from a King, our Lord Jesus Christ. With a vision to see millions receive Christ, we can only build together.

Starting conversations

 ‘Were other prophets favoured or called the Promised One like Jesus?’

‘What is the difference between the Old and New Testaments?’

These were some of the questions Jack’s* North African, English students asked this January, after reading through stories about Jesus’ birth, life and power to heal. Jack shared how much fun leading discussions in the class has been for him. The students have been so engaged in the discussions, that their conversations have even flowed into text messages after class.

It is through the financial support of people like you, which allows people like Jack, to go out and continue to do what they love.

Can you partner with us today?

It takes time to build something. Would you consider supporting the work on a monthly basis? Could you give £10, £20 or £50 a month? Looking ahead, there are three main initiatives, where you contributions could make a valuable difference to how we build:

  1. The Mission Development Fund

Could you help support mission development today? This fund will ensure the support of existing 90+ workers on the field long-term with member care support. It also contributes towards raising the profile of global mission in the UK.

  1. Missionaries in need

Could you support missionaries in need? This fund is set aside to support those in need of extra financial support. Various circumstances may cause a worker to have higher ministry and living expenses, such as: visa costs, changing exchange rates, relocating so they can continue their ministry or urgent travel.

  1. Arab World Training Hub

Could you help mobilise and train new workers who are being called to serve among Arab peoples? Your standing order would help provide relevant mentoring support for people on this journey. It will also help to provide relevant training to equip them for long-term service at our special orientation events.

Are you one of the builders for today?

If you would like to give on a monthly basis, please click here for a standing order form. Or, click Give Now to give a single donation. Any amount you are able to give will make a significant difference.

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