BLOG: Can creative arts be used in mission?

By Charlotte, EDGE Co-ordinator

Ever wondered if mission is possible in the Arab world? Our 130 years plus of experience would answer yes!

The door is not closed

Almost any skill can be used as a channel for mission. Over the years, many living in the Arab world have made a positive difference in Arab societies through their service as doctors, engineers, teachers, scientists, accountants, entrepreneurs and humanitarian workers.

Did you know that God can even use creative arts?

Capturing imagination

Arabel* is one of our workers in the Arab world and has found that drama is an incredible way to engage people. She has seen many opportunities for her drama team, made up of local Arab Christians, to perform Bible stories in schools and churches.

Schools who were initially wary of Christianity, or local Christians who were scared to reach out and invite a friend to church, were surprisingly open to the teachings of Christ when it was shared in imaginative ways through performing arts.


‘I have been amazed at how much God is answering my prayer to use my creativity to share Jesus in the Arab world.’


Pioneering through poetry

Alongside writing and directing musical theatre, Arabel, also sees God use other creative talents to connect with her Arabic-speaking community.


‘I regularly go to poetry and storytelling nights at local music venues and have been asked to perform some of my work. It really feels like I’m building up good relationships and using my creative gifts at the same time. However, I’m increasingly aware of my need to have God’s wisdom as I interact with this secular, arty and non-traditional community, many of whom also have liberal views on relationships. This is not the community I imagined working with when I first moved to the Arab world, but these young adults are the ones who I have had the most opportunities to build friendships with and reach out too.’


Remaining dependent on God

At a recent spiritual retreat, Arabel had a chance to prayerfully reflect on her life and experience of cross-cultural ministry so far.


‘The image of streamers tangled together captured how I was feeling about all that was going on. It illustrated the combination of various outreach projects and other ministry opportunities – many of which are exciting, vibrant and inter-connected. My life is certainly not clear-cut or straightforward, and some of the ways to apply the gospel to people’s lives is complex, but God reminded me that in all this, that I should always be dependent on Him.’


You can be involved too

What are your skills and passions? Ever wondered how God could use them to creatively open doors for others to hear about Christ?

This summer we are taking a team to serve alongside Arabel. You can join in and help reach out to refugees and families using creative arts. Why not explore here for more information, or contact me at for an application form? We’d love to hear from you!



*Name has been changed to protect identities.

**Library image used for illustrative purposes only. Image credit =  Leon Liu from unsplash.

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