Top tips for hosting an Arabic themed dinner party

Whether you love hosting dinner parties, or find the idea a little bit daunting, we’ve put together a simple step by step guide, to help you host an easy, fun and delicious evening for a good cause.

Step 1: Who’s going to come?

Think about who you’d like to invite. Will this be a big scale event at church, or a cosy gathering at home?

Either way, people will hope for great food, great company, and that their donations are going towards a great cause. Let them know that the ‘money raised will be used to support AWM who takes a hands on approach to sharing the love of Christ throughout the world’. For more information about AWM please visit our about us page.


Step 2: How much?

You’ll also need to let people know how much the evening will cost. Instead of charging a fee, recommend a donated amount (see maximise your gift leaflet for more details).

Based on our recipe suggestions below we recommend budgeting £5 per head for ingredients for the three-course meal.


Step 3: What’s on the menu?

We’ve put together some recipes for an excellent three course Arabic meal (please see our suggested recipes). But don’t let this constrain you. If you want to try something else, get Googling. Maybe you could try a Lebanese Kofta with Pomegranate Salad, Tabbouleh and Baba ganoush, or Chicken Shawarma with Fattoush or Pomegranate Couscous.


Step 4: Ready, Steady, Cook

Make sure you buy in the ingredients a day or so before and have all the serving dishes and equipment you need. Then start preparing the food 3 to 6 hours in advance, leaving plenty of time to get everything done.


Step 5: Set the atmosphere

Is there anything else you can do to bring a little bit of an Arabic feel to the evening? Maybe you could buy or borrow an Arabic pattern serving dish or play some gentle Arabic music in the background.