BLOG: From One Man to Sixty-Nine Churches

It starts with one

The first step of a seeker’s journey usually begins with something we refer to as ‘belief disruption’ – a moment, or a number of moments, in a seeker’s life, where what they always held to be true is suddenly shown to be false. For Mohammad*, it was the Muslim-on-Muslim violence and oppression he saw within his home country

When the Muslim President sent Muslim troops to kill fellow Muslims and then use their Muslim women and children as slaves, Mohammad began to question where the root of the problem might be. He wondered if maybe it was Islam. When he met John*, a western aid worker, he asked him why he was there providing food, water and clothing to Muslims. John told Mohammad that he was a Christian, a follower of Jesus Christ who commanded that His people help those in need wherever they can.

‘Now I know about Christ! Now I know he is my Saviour! What do I need to do to follow Jesus and become a Christian?’

‘It’s not about me, Mohammad; it’s about Jesus Christ.’

Mohammad thought deeply about John’s words. Why would this Jesus command His followers to act in such a peaceful way to those who weren’t Christians?

Life became more and more difficult, so Mohammad decided that he would take his family and look for somewhere safer and more stable. In his new location, he realised it was now much safer to seek out answers to his questions about Jesus. He searched online and soon found our media website. After spending some time reading, he came across our contact number and made the call. Long conversations with our responders quickly led to Mohammad asking to meet someone face-to-face. Our online Media team responders were excited to put him in touch with one of our Pioneers partners on the ground.

After two hours in a coffee shop, asking question after question, Mohammad jumped at the opportunity to join a Bible study group, quickly becoming a regular.

‘Now I know about Christ! Now I know he is my Saviour! What do I need to do to follow Jesus and become a Christian?’

On the day that Mohammad gave his life to Jesus in front of his Bible study group, they asked him, ‘What is the greatest need you have that we can pray for?’

‘I want to see my wife and children join me in the Christian faith. For them to worship God as I worship God.’

God reminded me that He does answer prayer. Sometimes it doesn’t look like we think it will, or He doesn’t move in the way we expect Him to, but we should be persistent in prayer and trust Him to do what He promises.

Then there were four

Mohammad made no effort to hide his new faith from his wife Habiba*. She had grown up in a fundamental Muslim home and was angry and afraid when she began noticing him reading the Bible and watching Christian programmes.

Mohammad’s Bible study group encouraged him to bring Habiba along to one of them. While listening to the speaker talk about God’s design for marriage and raising children, Habiba leant over and whispered how much better their life would be if they followed this teaching. Mohammad agreed.

Mohammad, Habiba, and two of their three children were baptised soon after.

Then there were five

Mohammad and Habiba were passionate about sharing the Good News with their community. They shared their faith with another woman called Zuba*. She also believed, and the three of them decided to form a house church. The church grew, and so they gave birth to a new house church. Which in turn gave birth to another, and so on, until…

Now there are sixty-nine house churches in this area! 

This article first appeared in a Praise Report from Arab World Media.

*Names changed to protect identities.

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