BLOG: Stirred by a trip to North Africa

Recently a group of supporters just like you visited North Africa to learn more about mission and to pray for Arab people to come to know Christ. For Shannon*, this trip completely changed her perspective on mission. She shares how God used this trip to stir her heart for the nations.

What inspired you to go on a supporters trip with AWM-Pioneers?

A lady from my church met some AWM-Pioneers mission mobilisers at an event and heard about the supporters trip. She was encouraging people from our church to go along. I’ve had the opportunity to go on mission trips in the past, but I’ve always been a bit nervous and scared, so I’ve never taken the opportunity before. But when I was told about this trip to North Africa, I heard myself saying, ‘I think I would be interested in doing that!’ God was saying, ‘now’s the time, go.’

When I was told that the purpose of the trip was to pray for the work, I thought, ‘yes I can do that.’ I wanted to get deeper in prayer. When I’ve been asked to go on mission trips before, I felt that wasn’t for me, but when I saw prayer, I thought, ‘I can pray.’

What was your highlight of the trip?

I had so many highlights. In fact, I kick myself for not taking the opportunities that have come up in the past because I found this trip fantastic! Having the opportunity to pray and to see how God has moved in the lives of people I met, both missionaries and locals, was amazing.

“It was a really good trip. It will stay with me forever.”

The cookery lesson we did was a particular highlight. Meeting the family, seeing what local village life is like, and understanding the needs of people in remote areas where life is a struggle was a real eye opener. They welcomed us and allowed us to share in their lives. And I was stirred to pray.

What did the trip teach you?

My understanding of Islam was deepened by doing a language lesson and learning about the barriers to faith that locals face such as legal repercussions if they change their religion. But I was encouraged in my faith as long-term mission workers shared some powerful testimonies of God moving in the country. I realised that there are strongholds and barriers in that place, but God can overcome them.

God reminded me that He does answer prayer. Sometimes it doesn’t look like we think it will, or He doesn’t move in the way we expect Him to, but we should be persistent in prayer and trust Him to do what He promises.

Can you describe what the trip looked like practically?

We had one or two activities each day which were well spaced out, leaving space for rest, and we would always end each evening with prayer together. Our accommodation was nice and friendly, and travel was easy and safe as we were always with a long-term worker or someone who spoke the local language.

What made the trip was the people I was there with. We had online meetings before we went which was really helpful to get to know everyone.

What would you say to anyone who is considering going on the next trip?

Do it! You’ll probably regret not going more than going. Going on this trip has inspired me to keep praying and not forget this region of the world in my prayers. And it took away my fear of going on this type of trip, opening a door for me to step through to get involved in mission.

If you go, you’ll find your faith is built up, you’ll gain a sense of community with your teammates, and you’ll learn how to pray for the region. You’ll also gain a sense of vision for how God might be leading you beyond the trip – whether that’s long-term mission or learning how to pray, taking the love for the country back home, or even just being grateful that you live in a place where you can go out and pray and share the gospel freely, spurring you on to do those things and not take them for granted.

Want to experience this for yourself? For information on any upcoming supporter trips, or our North Africa Edge team, contact Ben.

*Name changed to protect identities.

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