TESTIMONY: Walking alongside seekers of truth

By Joy*, Guest Writer

When Wajd* first came across the Injil (which means gospel in Arabic), he was curious. What would it say? Why do Christians believe it? He opened its pages and began to read, drawn in by this intriguing Jesus. Over and over, he read the accounts of the Messiah willing to meet ordinary people, having a compassionate healing ministry, having power even over nature. Wajd was both offended and moved by Jesus’ teachings. This Christ was no ordinary man.

Searching in secret

Wajd was careful to hide his Injil from his family. He was afraid of what they might think of him. But for years, he would secretly read the life-giving words over and over again before placing the New Testament back in his hiding place. He was becoming aware of the need to make a decision. This Jesus of Scripture was making Himself known to Wajd. He knew he could not carry on seeking Christ in private while remaining a follower of Islam. But what would he need to do?

He went online to search for answers. He gradually grasped why Jesus died on a Roman cross and what salvation means. One day he came across our media ministry website. It took more than one visit before he felt brave enough to make contact with the media team.

‘Wajd eagerly took in the responder’s explanations. Finally, he understood what it meant to follow Jesus! Wajd soon accepted Christ as his Saviour.’

The answer at last

The media responder spent time with Wajd online, patiently answering his questions. He was surprised at how much Wajd already knew about learning how to pray and how to have a living relationship with God.

Wajd eagerly took in the responder’s explanations. Finally, he understood what it meant to follow Jesus! Wajd soon accepted Christ as his Saviour and began studying the Bible with the media team online.

Submitting to His grace

For people like Wajd, remaining in Islam is the easier and more comfortable option. Islam is about doing things to please God and following rules, while Christianity is about accepting what God has already done and following His Spirit. To become a follower of Christ one must submit to God and live to please Him, turning away from previous beliefs and habits.

Even for many believers in the West, truly knowing God as their loving Father is a humbling truth. It can be difficult to accept this mercy and love as a free gift without feeling we must do something to deserve it. It is the same for a believer from a Muslim background.

Praise God that Wajd has found true freedom in Christ!

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*NB. Names have been changed and library images used for security.

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