TESTIMONY: Gulf Arab remains loyal to Jesus

It’s not easy for anyone to go against society and follow Jesus. But if you are a Gulf Arab, the cost of discipleship is extremely high.

Convinced by the truth

Growing up in a Muslim-majority nation, Salim* had never known any true followers of Christ. But one day out of curiosity, he decided to attend one of the international congregations in a part of town he rarely visited.

Intrigued by the message, Salim kept going for several months. He became increasingly convinced that he had encountered the Truth and accepted Jesus as his Lord.

A noticeable change

After getting baptised, his new-found faith began to transform aspects of his old personality. Long-established character flaws started to change and this new, improved version of Salim was being noticed by his wife. Sadly, she strongly rejected the source of his change and remained committed to Islam.

Refusing to compromise

Salim’s boss noticed that he no longer stopped to join in with the Muslim prayer times like other people. When confronted about it, Salim explained that he now followed Jesus.

His boss decided to give Salim a week off work, assuming that he must be overtired and stressed to make such a drastic change in his life. On Salim’s return to work, he again confirmed that he was genuine and sincere in his new faith. Immediately his boss terminated his contract and kicked Salim out of the workplace.

‘Salim instead rejected the offer and clung to Christ. The next day, his boss terminated his residency, forcing Salim to leave the country.’

At great personal cost

Salim had to rely on his savings as he hunted for another job. Finding new employment was made more challenging after his boss told others that Salim was an infidel and not to be re-employed. A few weeks later, his boss changed tactic and sent a message offering a sizeable increase to Salim’s old salary, if he would renounce his new faith and come back to Islam.

Salim instead rejected the offer and clung to Christ. The next day, his boss terminated his residency, forcing Salim to leave the country.

Answers to prayer

God had other plans and provided a new job for Salim and new residency for his family. However, the change in circumstances led to a dramatic drop in his income. Despite Salim suffering hardship and loss, he has remained strong in his faith and committed to growing in maturity five years on.

What’s more, Salim continues to grow in Christ with the help of one of our long-term workers. He has also joined a discipleship group.

Amazingly, his wife has since accepted Jesus into her life and been baptised. She confessed that seeing Salim’s life transform over time had challenged her cynicism. She could no longer deny that he had a relationship with the living God.

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*NB. Names have been changed and library images used for security.

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