APPEAL: Let’s rebuild Lebanon together

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Last year, on 4 August, a warehouse explosion destroyed a port, left a crater in the ground and scarred a whole population. The ‘Beirut blast’ forced a government to resign, shook the whole of the Middle East and made global news.

Stirred by the people

Lebanon is smaller than the size of Yorkshire. But it has a population of 6.8million people. Unfortunately, this small nation has had a cocktail of problems long before the Beirut blast. One of our local contacts explains:

Lebanon has been experiencing civil unrest with some in the population angry at the government since October 2019. The currency has decreased in value by about 80%. Widespread and extensive power cuts mean you may get electricity for three hours a day. And then there’s coronavirus.

Recently, things have gone from bad to worse. The currency has declined so much that what, two years ago, could buy enough food to feed a family now can’t even buy one litre of milk. And many goods, such as food and fuel are now heavily rationed.

As God’s people, we should use this opportunity to show loyalty and support for those on the forefront of rebuilding efforts – rebuilding broken buildings and broken people. Can you show people of Lebanon that they are not alone?

Stirred by Jesus

It will take a miracle to truly rebuild Lebanon. Only Jesus can redeem these situations – in our lives or in the world. He works powerfully behind the scenes to transform situations for His glory and the blessing of many.

But in His grace, Jesus loves to invite ordinary people to be part of His miracle of transformation.

You can help resource His mission team – local churches and cross-cultural workers – already on the ground in Lebanon. Your support will ensure the hands and feet of Christ are resourced to rebuild the nation of Lebanon.

Will you give today to help rebuild Lebanon?

Your kind and generous gift will help workers play their part in rebuilding Lebanon. Through your generosity, you will make a difference in two ways:

  • Ongoing development of projects

Since the explosion last year, the ongoing ministries of our local partners have been even more vital. They have been serving and reaching out to the most vulnerable and under-served sections in society long before the blast. But as the economy continues to go from bad to worse, resources are harder to obtain and don’t last as long. Your gift will help our teams serve those who are most in need.

  • Spiritual needs

As a ministry, we care about the whole person – the practical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of the people of Lebanon. While there is great work being done by various groups, followers of Jesus are uniquely equipped to bring the life-saving message that will rebuild lives with the love and power of God.


Do you share in our conviction? Will you help us rebuild Lebanon? Any amount you can give, will show support to the people of Lebanon and make a difference practically, emotionally and spiritually.

Please click the Give Online button and choose the Lebanon Appeal from the dropdown menu to help the people of Lebanon.

Are you a first-time donor? Read our donor confidence checklist for background on our fundraising ethos.


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