Donor Confidence Checklist

At AWM-Pioneers, we believe God provides for His people in many different ways. One of the ways that we see this provision is by presenting current financial needs to Christians interested in our ministry through our appeal letters, magazines, and emails.

As servants of the gospel and stewards of God’s Kingdom resources, AWM-Pioneers exercises the following for every appeal:

Discernmentidentifying both immediate and long-term needs that match our vision and values, and help the greatest amount of people.

Economical wisdomseeking cost-effective solutions that maximise the value of supporter’s gifts, mitigate against currency fluctuations, and minimise bank charges.

Collaboration – communicating with key contacts and local partners in like-minded ministries to minimise duplication of efforts or projects overlapping.

Accountability – establishing confidence that gifts are handled responsibly and with integrity at each stage of the gift allocation.

Fruitful partnerships – selecting local partners carefully and setting clear criteria where appropriate. We aim to balance this with a desire to empower field-based teams and local Christian leaders to make decisions so that money doesn’t inadvertently drive the ministry on the ground.

Who receives our appeal letters?

You will receive an appeal letter from us, if you receive our magazine and have been part of our community of supporters for at least six months. We try and spread out letters highlighting current financial needs in cross-cultural mission today so you are not bombarded with requests. If you would like to check or update your communication preferences, contact Sam.

Get in touch

If you would like to get in touch you can either find our details on this site or email us on .