APPEAL: Remember the Arab world this Christmas

Sometimes the thought of spending time with family gets people excited about Christmas. Sometimes it’s the thought of giving a gift. For me, the season is all about family. As we perhaps think about family and giving gifts, the Arab world is a special place for us to remember this Christmas. It’s the place where Jesus was born (into a little-known family in the Middle East), and is the place where the early Church was birthed.

Sharing the gift

While Islam is by far the majority faith in the Arab world today, some parts of the region are experiencing spiritual growth. Despite hostile and dangerous environments of war and persecution, Arab people are still receiving Christ and  the gift of new life.

For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. Romans 6:23 (ESV)

This gift of Jesus and eternal life through Him, has been freely given and can be freely received. Yet, in order to receive this free gift, Arab peoples have to hear of Him. How will they hear? Believers need to go and share the gospel.

As I finish my time as National Director, I am acutely aware that we have not finished this work of sharing the good news about Jesus to Arab people. The gospel is impacting lives, and I am encouraged by the stories of Arab people who have heard the gospel and want to share it themselves.

 ‘Christ is God who came in the flesh to take the sins of the world. He freed me from sin. I am hoping to share the good news with people so that they can be freed and saved like me.’

  Amal*, a new believer living in the Arab world

Right now we are in contact with over 300 mission enquirers who are interested in sharing the gospel with Arab people and helping with their practical needs. They need help and support to prepare for such a task.

Can you help share the gift?

Here are a few ways in which you could help share the gift of the gospel with Arab people:

  • PRE-FIELD RESOURCES£50 could help provide training materials for one long-term worker preparing to launch out to the Arab world.
  • MENTORING £100 could go towards helping one mission enquirer receive mentoring and support from one of our experienced mobilisation team colleagues.
  • TRAINING AND EQUIPPING – £500 could help towards us running one of our ‘Introduction to missions’ residential weekends called COMPASS. We are aiming to host at least three next year.

Please support us this Christmas as we continue to seize opportunities to share the gospel in the Arab world.

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