APPEAL: Could you share God’s lavish love with Arab people this Christmas?

A Muslim mother hugs both her daughters in her arms.

Are you starting to get excited about Christmas yet? Can you almost smell the mince pies, mulled wine and turkey dinner in the air?

At Christmas we often enjoy familiar traditions together and give thanks for our loved ones. Above all, we celebrate Immanuel – God with us. The birth of Jesus Christ is at the heart of God’s salvation plan. Christ’s life, death and resurrection would change the hearts and lives of billions of people for generations to come –  people like Dawud* and his wife Ashbala*.

I came to a new country as a stranger. I was overwhelmed by the love shown to me by followers of Jesus. I wanted to be like them. Dawud*

Support vital mission work in the Arab world this Christmas

Dawud was forced to flee his country and make a fresh start in a new land. He made friends with Christians, the first time he had ever met followers of Jesus. He was touched by their heartfelt care and wanted to know more about the person who motivated their generous actions. He wanted to think and act like they did.

A local Christian gave Dawud a Bible and he couldn’t put it down. But his wife Ashbala became so angry at her husband’s new faith that she began divorce proceedings. She planned to leave home with their children, yet she couldn’t forget the changes she had seen in her husband since he had turned to Christ.

Dawud was warmly welcomed into a local church and, after some time, his family began to join him. Ashbala was deeply moved. She said to her husband, ‘Christians are different people than I thought they were. I love the way they have accepted us and cared for us as a family. I want to follow Jesus like you. I believe in Him.’

God is using mission workers across the Arab world to lavish His love on people who desperately need hope, truth and comfort. He longs for people to know the grace and forgiveness that are freely available through Christ.

Could you help communicate God’s lavish love through supporting mission workers today?

This Christmas, your generous donation could open the door for Christ’s love to burst into the hearts and lives of Arab peoples. Your support creates opportunities for mission workers to share Jesus in everyday life.

Thank you for your ministry to Arab people, please prayerfully consider giving a gift today.

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*Name changed to protect identities.

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