APPEAL: Can you help inspire the next generation of mission workers?


Have you ever wondered whether short-term mission can actually make a difference? At AWM-Pioneers we aim to equip the next generation of mission workers by sending them on short-term mission with a long-term vision.

Many of our long-term mission workers started their journey to mission by going on a short-term mission trip. Each year we send prospective mission workers on Edge teams, Venture tailor-made placements, or specific vision trips where these prospective workers can test their call to mission. Can you help send more prospective workers on short-term mission with a long-term vision?

Short-term mission with a long-term vision

As we journey with short-term mission workers, we see each one return from their trips with a greater heart for ministry among Arab Muslims with an increased commitment to praying for what God is doing among them. These opportunities to experience short-term mission enable prospective mission workers to test their sense of calling to mission, to meet people in the context in which they’re considering serving and to consider how they could fit into God’s mission in that place.

One of our recent short-term participants returned feeling excited about what the Lord is doing in the Arab world and how they can continue to be involved.

It was great to learn about Arabic culture. I learnt quite a bit about the personal and interpersonal impact of honour/shame dynamics and how that directly affects people’s lives in various obvious or subtle ways, which was fascinating to me, and I’d love to explore this further. I left feeling hopeful about long-term cross-cultural possibilities and increasingly eager to discover what God might have planned for our life longer term.

It was also such a blessing to go away for a fortnight with a small group of prayerful people who love God and have an interest in mission. It felt like a very life-giving time.

Leanne*, short-termer to North Africa

You can inspire the next generation of mission workers

Each year our mission mobilisers travel to various Christian events and conferences to spread the word about mission to Arab peoples. At these events they share about upcoming short-term mission trips, and many are inspired to come along. This was the start of the journey for many cross-cultural workers now serving in the Arab world.

Can you give today to inspire this new generation of mission workers?

Thank you for your ministry to Arab people, please prayerfully consider giving a gift today.

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*Name changed to protect identities.

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