APPEAL: Can you help grow the Church in the Arab world?

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Have you ever wondered how we can effectively reach the Arab world for Christ?

Most of the Arab world is unreached. There aren’t enough local believers to spread the gospel throughout the region without the help of cross-cultural mission workers. But even with hundreds of mission workers across the Arab world, how will every person hear this good news for themselves?

Across the Pioneers international family, workers are encouraged to invest in local believers and help them share their faith. As mission workers tell Arab people about Christ they make disciples, then those disciples make disciples and on it goes. In this way, groups of people come to faith and churches are planted across the Arab world.

Can you help equip more cross-cultural disciple makers?

Yosef* is making disciples who make disciples

When Yosef decided to follow Christ, he didn’t immediately tell his wife, Aram*. But Aram began noticing subtle differences in his attitude and was afraid of what the changes meant. Yosef began to pray differently and was no longer acting as a Muslim man normally would. He told his wife it was because he had put his faith in Christ. Aram was furious and she angrily rejected his new faith.

But Yosef did not give up on sharing the good news with her and over time the Lord began to soften Aram’s heart. She started to realise how much more positive their marriage was. Yosef’s beliefs had changed her role in their relationship. She was no longer seen as inferior, and the Lord opened her eyes to see how God’s love made a practical difference in their lives.

Aram wrestled with this revelation, and as she sought Jesus, she found Him! She professed her faith in Jesus and has now been baptised with Yosef. Now Yosef and Aram are witnessing to their neighbours and making more disciples of Jesus. Despite the persecution that they face, they never tire of sharing the good news of Christ.

You can help reach the unreached with the gospel

There are people across the Arab world who, like Yosef and Aram, are open to the gospel and will joyfully share the good news when they understand it for themselves. Mission workers are still needed to share this news in unreached places like the Arab world.

Your gift today will help send more mission workers to the Arab world to share the gospel with people like Yosef. Can you help equip more cross-cultural disciple makers?

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*Names changed to protect identities.

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