APPEAL: Can you support Global South workers reaching Arabs in the UK?


‘Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit’ Matthew 28:19

Did you know that there are now many mission workers coming from countries in the Global South to serve in the West?

Mission workers from the Global South are uniquely placed

In the past, global mission has predominantly been ‘from the West to the rest’. Recently we have seen a change in this trend to a view of mission ‘from everywhere to everyone’. In the AWM-Pioneers family, we have members serving among Arabs from Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East.

These mission workers are uniquely placed to serve among Arab Muslims in the UK and other European countries. Whether it be similar cultural traditions or a common valuing of hospitality, these mission workers are often able to more easily build bridges to minister among Arab Muslims.


Arab Muslims are hearing about Jesus through their ministry

Miguel* and Gabriela* are currently serving among Arab Muslims in the UK, having moved here from Mexico. They felt God call them to serve among Arabs in Britain and have already seen the Lord at work. They shared this story:

Recently, two men in traditional Muslim clothes greeted Miguel and attempted to share about their Islamic beliefs. As they talked, Miguel was able to be open and direct about his faith in Christ. Since then, one of the men has met with Miguel and opened up about the doubts he has about the Muslim view of Jesus. Praise God for this opportunity Miguel has had to share about Christ’s true nature.

Can you support these workers to serve among Arab Muslims?

While this type of ministry brings incredible benefits, many of our brothers and sisters from the Global South struggle to raise the funds needed to support their ministry.

Your support would be invaluable to these workers. As well as the high costs associated with travelling to the UK, they also need to raise money to fund their ministry once they arrive. By giving:

  • £10, you and 19 others could cover the cost of visa sponsorship required to come to the UK
  • £22, you and 9 others could pay for a month’s food for a Global South worker
  • £50, you and 11 others could cover the cost of a visa for one year
  • £250, you could pay for a worker’s entry-level English language test

Please give today to help our office team support these members as they seek to reach Arab Muslims in the UK and Europe.

You can give to this work by clicking this button and choosing I want to give to AWM. Thank you for partnering with us in this way.

If you would like to hear about how you can support any of these workers on a more regular basis, please get in touch.


*Names changed to protect identities.

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