APPEAL: Can you equip the Church in the Arab world?

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Have you ever experienced a thirst to know more about God? Perhaps at a Christian event or studying the Bible with friends?

Believers from a Muslim background in the Arab world long to know more about Christ. But often formal biblical studies aren’t locally available. Their desire to go deeper in God’s Word leads believers in the Arabian Peninsula to leave their home country. Sadly, the trend is that many never return.

Help bring discipleship training to Arab believers

PALM (Preparing Arab-world Leaders for Ministry) trains those from the Arab world within the Arab world, keeping those who love Christ in their own countries and equipping them to serve Christ most effectively. Training is provided from beginner levels, such as discipleship for new believers, to more advanced in-depth Bible studies for those seeking to lead churches.


You can provide training for Christian leaders within the Arab world

PALM’s discipleship programme teaches believers how deeply they are loved by Christ. This had a significant impact on Amina*, a believer from the Arabian Peninsula:

Because of the courses, I have a better understanding of the overwhelming love that God has for me. This beautiful truth has changed my heart. One day, on the bus, I saw an immigrant from Somalia. She had a serious health issue and was asked to leave the bus. Before Christ rescued me, I would have treated this woman like most people from my home country – dismissing her because of her ethnic background. I would have ignored her or even treated her harshly. But Jesus has changed my life. I didn’t see someone of a different race, someone to look down upon. I saw a person, created in the image of God.

Can you give today to equip Arab believers?

There is a clear hunger for God’s Word in the region. You can help respond by equipping these believers with tools to help them mature in their faith, teach others the Scriptures, and lead emerging churches in the Arab world.

  • £10 could cover the cost of online training for one person
  • £25 could enable one person to travel to and from in-person training
  • £50 could provide training materials for an entire twelve-month training course
  • £450 could cover the costs of a venue for one training course

Please give today to help provide essential training to support the spread of the gospel and equip the Church in the Arab world.

You can give to this work by clicking this button and choosing I want to give to PALM. Thank you for partnering with us in this way.

If you’d like to know more about the work of PALM, you can sign up to receive their updates by emailing us.

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