RAMADAN: Wrestling in prayer

By Marie, prayer co-ordinator

Have you ever wrestled in prayer for God to break through into someone’s life?

This Ramadan provides an opportunity for Christians around the globe to take advantage of this lockdown and spend dedicated time wrestling in prayer for the Muslim world.

Learning from the Apostle Paul

Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful. Colossians 4:2

In this letter to the Colossians, Paul stresses that we should devote ourselves to prayer. He urged believers to pray for people who didn’t know Jesus, for open doors and for open hearts. Should we not also be wrestling in prayer for unbelievers, especially those in the Muslim world seeking answers to their spiritual questions this Ramadan?

A personal touch

In Colossians, Paul’s care for individuals comes through his writing. He names nine people in particular in the last chapter and passes on their greetings. Even though he knew many people, we can sense his loving concern for these individuals. He no doubt prayed affectionately for each one while in prison. We can also follow the Apostle Paul’s example by devoting ourselves this Ramadan to pray for individual Muslims we know and care about personally during this lockdown.

An inspiring role model

Epaphras, who is one of you and a servant of Christ Jesus, sends greetings. He is always wrestling in prayer for you, that you may stand firm in all the will of God, mature and fully assured. Colossians 4:12

Paul makes a special mention of a fellow colleague in the gospel. He points to Epaphras as a role model for intercessory prayer. Why? Because he regularly wrestled in prayer for other believers to stand firm in the will of God and become mature and confident followers of Jesus. How often does our prayer life reflect this devotion? What a challenging thought!

Perhaps we can make small steps towards this by praying every day for 30 days this Ramadan. Maybe we will grow in devotion as we learn from Epaphras and wrestle in prayer for believers from Muslim backgrounds to stand firm, and become confident, mature followers of Jesus.

A helpful prayer resource

It can be difficult to know specifically what to pray for. I have found the annual booklet of 30 Days of Prayer a very helpful resource. It gives information on different people groups, and suggestions of how to pray each day, whether on our own or praying in groups.

As we are unable to meet together in person at this time, why not meet with others online and pray together? Please contact me if you would like to purchase this guide and join us in wrestling in prayer for people from the Muslim world to become mature and fully assured in Christ.

How to order

Simply email us to place your order of the 30 DAYS OF PRAYER guide. A single copy costs £2.50 including postage and we have promotional prices for supporters and discounts for bulk orders. Contact us for further details.

NOT IN THE UK? We would recommend that you contact the 30-DAYS-OF-PRAYER dedicated website to order your copy at the best mailing price for your region.

Further resources for you and your church

Interested in ways to help inspire others in your church in their prayer life? Have a look at the tips and guidance on making the best use of the 30 DAYS OF PRAYER guide as a fellowship.

Free resources such as a powerpoint, small group session notes and a Night of Power prayer meeting outline can be downloaded here: https://30daysprayer.org.uk/resources/

Supporting organisations

In order to inspire the whole UK church to get behind this prayer campaign, several organisations have teamed together to promote and distribute the 30 Days OF PRAYER prayer guide. The partnership includes the following Christian ministries and more:

AlMassira (almassira.org)

Frontiers Ireland (frontiersireland.org)

Mahabba (Mahabbanetwork.com)

Global Connections (globalconnections.org.uk)

Navigators (navigators.co.uk)

ReachAcross (uk.reachacross.net)

Frontiers (frontiers.org.uk)

Open Doors (opendoorsuk.org)

YWAM England (ywamengland.org)

London City Mission (lcm.org.uk)

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