TESTIMONIAL: My journey to mission

By Harry*

A testimonial of a new long-term worker in the Arab world.

When I became a Christian seven years ago, a few people mentioned that they could see me serving overseas. However, after several years of all-consuming work in London, cross-cultural mission had dropped out of my mind altogether. I even assumed that the world was reached with churches in every country. Reading biographies of Christian workers left me disappointed that I had missed the opportunity to be involved in the Great Commission. How wrong was I?

Starting with Small Steps

It has always been my ambition to preach the gospel where Christ was not known..
Romans 15:20

A couple of years ago, our pastor started challenging us to intercede for the worldwide Church, particularly praying for believers facing persecution. As a fellowship, we went on a journey of receiving regular updates and catching a global vision. I was stunned to hear that more than 1,000 people groups are not only unreached, but unengaged, with no church-planting strategy in place to expose them to the gospel. In my heart, that was not acceptable. I couldn’t ignore this. My mindset started to change, and my pastor encouraged me to research this growing interest.

Released into a new direction

As well as being educated about the needs, I was further motivated by the way Scripture highlights different ministries. God uses all sorts of characters and personalities in His Kingdom. Some are ‘Timothy-like’, called to share the gospel in their own culture, and others are ‘Paul-like’, sent to witness to other cultures. Romans 15 was pivotal in releasing me from the burden I felt for ‘abandoning’ the inner-city council estate where I had invested years of my ministry.  The fact that something in me was ignited and that I was willing and able to go now made sense. The Lord used this new awareness, plus a growing conviction that the Bible reveals His plan to rescue the nations through Christ, as confirmation that I should go.

The Arab world needs a generation of workers to kick-start gospel movements. With open hands, I said to God,
‘Count me in, send me’.

One life; one purpose

The next question was, ‘Where should I go?’ Some testify to signs directing them to certain parts of the world. For me, it was more of a practical, logical discerning process.

I prayerfully considered where a young single guy like me should be placed to support an under-resourced part of God’s Kingdom. The Arab world needs a generation of workers to kick-start gospel movements. With open hands, I said to God, ‘Count me in, send me’.

I’m not presuming to see many churches planted through my ministry, but I do expect to study the language and culture, share my faith and see some people accept Jesus. I would love for my life to be used to bring together new disciples in Christ who are meeting in fellowship and seeking to bring others to Him.

Knowing that Jesus would be getting all the worship is the most glorious and beautiful part of the vision. I genuinely believe that it would be worth giving my life for.

NB. This article originally featured in awmlink, AWM-Pioneers free quarterly magazine.

*Name has been changed for security reasons.

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