TESTIMONY: North African delivered in the name of Jesus

Doors suddenly open!

In a North African town, a small cross-cultural team have worked and prayed for ten years with little spiritual breakthrough. They persevered in prayer believing that God would birth a church of local believers. One day, three women introduced themselves as followers of Jesus to a team member. They had heard there was a Bible teacher in town, but had no idea where he was based. So they set out that morning to find him, relying only on the Holy Spirit’s guidance.

The three ladies shared they had each come to know Jesus.

Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonder results. James 5:16 New Living Translation [The Bible]

Impacted by God’s Word and Spirit

Samira* had been given a New Testament when visiting a relative. Within three months she had read it from cover to cover, and became convinced that Jesus is the Christ.

Samira’s daughter Omari* declared her faith in Jesus soon after.

Samira’s sister-in-law Fatima* had suffered from an oppressive demonic influence for years. She accepted an invitation to attend a Christian meeting with Samira and Omari, and during the worship time the demon manifested its presence. She was immediately given prayer ministry and was delivered by Jesus’ name from the evil spirit. This spiritual breakthrough has brought Samira into a wonderful place of freedom in God.

Filled with the joy of Jesus

The team invited these ladies to join a trilingual worship service. As each believer praised God in their heart language and rejoiced in salvation, the presence of God filled the gathering.

Despite busyness with her shop work, Fatima delights in attending a weekly Bible study. Whenever she struggles to understand a passage, she asks the Holy Spirit to open her spiritual eyes to the truth.

Fatima’s husband knows she watches Christian television programmes, but has no idea she is a follower of Jesus. One of her adult sons is searching for the truth and has many questions.

This spiritual breakthrough has brought her into a wonderful place of freedom in God.


Praying for a family of faith

Fatima and Samira are afraid of their husbands’ reaction if they find out they are followers of Christ. Another of Samira’s relatives is interested in knowing more about Jesus, but they find it hard to find opportunities alone to talk about spiritual truth.

Pray for salvation to come to this whole family. Jesus is building His Church in this corner of North Africa! May a local church be planted and a ten-year vision come into reality for His glory.

*Name has been changed and library images used for illustrative purposes.

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