TESTIMONY: Jesus brings freedom to Muslim family

By Mandy J, freelance writer

Rachid* was born into an Algerian Muslim family in the Kabyle region but had no interest in religion. He felt no shame in not attending the mosque. Yet life was not without its problems. Rachid was anxious about his young daughter: she suffered from psychological problems to which psychiatrists and counselling had made little difference. Wondering if it was more of a spiritual issue, Rachid tried the local marabouts. These Islamic faith healers mix Islam with occult practices. But they also were unable to help her. Rachid wondered if his little girl would ever be free from her problems and able to live a full life. He worried about her wellbeing and future.

An intrigued seeker

In recent decades, a church-planting movement has flourished in the Kabyle region. There are now thousands of Christians in disciple-making churches. Rachid noticed a marked difference in the lives of these believers, and wondered what they believed. They were not trapped in religion, but had a peace which eluded him. Someone advised Rachid to tune into Christian satellite television programmes to find out more. As the Kabyle presenter began the show, Rachid leaned closer; what this Bible teacher was explaining made a lot of sense.

Rachid had a powerful experience of God as he prayed. He knew in his heart that this teaching was the truth.

A step of faith

At the end of the programme, the presenter invited his viewers to call upon Jesus. Rachid placed his hand on the television and had a powerful experience of God as he prayed. He knew in his heart that this teaching was the truth. At that moment, Rachid surrendered to Jesus as His Saviour and Lord.

Rachid joined a local church. He enjoyed worshipping Jesus with fellow disciples and growing in his faith. He still wondered, however, if Jesus could help his young daughter where medical doctors and Islamic faith healers had tried and failed.


A ripple effect

The church prayed over the little girl, and she was wonderfully delivered from all of the psychological and spiritual problems that had held her in bondage for so long.

Rachid’s daughter was set free by Jesus and is now able to enjoy living a normal life. When Rachid’s family saw the difference that God had made they too wanted to know Christ for themselves.

Today, Rachid and his family are all following Jesus together. They have all discovered eternal life in Christ. Their home is living proof that the Messiah (as promised in Isaiah 61) brings true and lasting freedom.

*Name has been changed and library images used for illustrative purposes.

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