REFLECTION: Persevering in prayer

Rejoicing together

Dear worldwide family of Pioneers. Every year is full of promise and opportunity for serving in God’s eternal redemptive plan. Our overarching prayer is that God will bear much fruit through our mission family – the fruit of the Spirit, the fruit of righteousness, the fruit of lips that praise Him, and the fruit of transformed lives. We have much to celebrate. We are seeing:

  • unreached people groups being engaged with the gospel churches multiplying
  • spiritual fruit as teams respond compassionately to the migrant crisis in Europe
  • creativity and innovation opening doors for pioneering ministry.

Adjusting to growth

We are also in a healthy place with continued growth: teams expanding or starting with new workers in every region, more leaders being identified and nurtured, new partnerships and bases mobilising workers from the Majority world. We are also making organisational adjustments where needed, but it’s not easy keeping up with a faith-filled movement that doesn’t wait for structures!

Aware of the spiritual battle

While seeing increased fruitfulness, and adapting to the challenges of growth, we are also recognising an increasing number of attempts by the enemy to foster anxiety and fear. We are also seeing an unusual rise in the number of our members facing life-threatening disease. It is easy to forget that we are in the midst of an intense cosmic battle along with many other gospel ministries and principally God’s Church around the world.

Learning from Nehemiah

As global events unfold in increasingly unpredictable ways that impact our mission family, we have taken encouragement recently from Nehemiah’s response to catastrophic news about God’s people. Upon hearing of Israel’s distress and difficulty, Nehemiah cried out to God, acknowledging sin, claiming God’s promises, declaring total dependence on God, and calling on God to intervene. We’re inspired by his prayerful confidence grounded in gratefulness for who God is.

May God give spiritual insight to each of our 3,100 members, sending churches and supporters across the world to purposefully and consistently engage the battle alongside the Lord of Hosts, knowing He is the One who fights for us.

Standing together by His grace,

From the International Director of Pioneers

Main photo courtesy of Commnet Media, © Pioneers USA

Inspired to pray for the work?

This edited letter was originally addressed to all Pioneers workers and was also shared with our ministry supporters.

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