TESTIMONY: Middle Eastern discovers Christ as healer

Confident in the power of Christ

Hosni had grown up reading the Qur’an all his life but had recently noticed the prominence that Jesus is given. Being described as anointed by the Spirit of God somehow set Isa (Arabic for Jesus) apart. This concept fascinated Hosni. While alone in daily private prayer, Hosni began asking God to anoint him in the Spirit too. When his son became very ill with a high fever for three days, Hosni decided to step out in faith. He took his son into a side room and prayed over him. ‘Jesus, if you are the one I read about in the Qur’an and you are filled with a special Spirit from God, then I believe you are a special person and you can heal my son. So, I ask in Jesus name that you heal my son right now.’
When Hosni removed his hand – his son’s fever was completely gone.

Hungry to grasp the Word

After a second example of answered prayer in the name of Jesus, Hosni became convinced that Jesus was God. Since Hosni was aware that only the Bible contained the full account of Jesus’ life and teaching, he searched for reliable information about the Bible on the internet. After coming across our Arabic ministry website, he got in touch with our response team. He loved completing the interactive Bible lessons and then keenly asked:

‘If I travel to your Middle Eastern nation, will you be willing to meet with me next week?’

Hosni had a strong desire to meet believers and to get a printed copy of the Bible himself. In Islam, their holy book is seen as special, so Hosni now wanted to read and revere the Holy Book of Christians.

It’s not everyday that you hear a strong declaration of faith in Christ from someone raised in a Muslim majority country. But Hosni* contacted the media team via WhatsApp** with this urgent request for spiritual support.


As you hear his story, you will discover why.


Excited to join in praise

We arranged a five-day visit so that Hosni could visit our church in the Middle East. As he began to engage in the worship service, the initial surprise of seeing men and women meeting together in a public place no longer concerned him.

‘I was shouting out with the congregation, singing praises to Jesus. It was so exciting.’

Hosni immersed himself in the church family enjoying the praise and worship, the sermons and the space to read the Bible for long periods. We are part of a large and lively congregation with groups running throughout the day (small groups, ministry groups, outreach groups, etc.). Hosni attended as many as he could, arriving at 10am and leaving the church grounds at 11pm.

One of the pastors rang me up after a one-to-one meeting with Hosni. Confident that Hosni had truly accepted Christ, the pastor and I baptised Hosni the next day.

Continuing to walk by faith

Hosni had another prayer answered while travelling back to his home. He was able to get the Bible through customs, despite it being a controversial item that is usually checked for. This further strengthened Hosni’s faith as he had previously declared

‘God led me to a Bible; He will enable me to keep it’.

I’ve continued to disciple Hosni since his return. We’ve completed Bible studies online and communicate on a weekly basis, as he is an isolated believer without a fellowship to join.

At home, his wife was shocked to see a copy of the Bible in her house! However, she has since begun to show spiritual interest. After seeing Hosni having his daily devotions, she even asked to read the Bible herself.

Hosni and I are now praying that she will also be drawn to investigate and follow Jesus, the Anointed One.


* Name has been changed and library images used for security reasons.

**WhatsApp is a mobile internet application and instant messaging service that can be downloaded on most smartphones or tablet devices. It allows users to connect with friends without paying for text messages, though it does require data allowance or a Wi-Fi connection.

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