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Short-term Teams (EDGE)

Every year people like you offer up their gifts to serve God in short-term mission. They join teams and engage in cross-cultural ministry. They connect with people in a different culture and share their passion for Christ with them.

Join EDGE and learn first-hand how to pray, serve and reach out to the least-reached. Join EDGE and be impacted for life. Are you up for it?

 << Why not join one of our 2017 EDGE teams this summer? >>

What is EDGE?

Each team typically starts with a couple of days of bonding, preparation and training. This orientation is geared to strengthen your faith, equip you with essential tools and prepare you for the cross-cultural challenge. Then, you step out and see God work through you and the team.

Why join an EDGE team?

EDGE will give you an excellent first-hand experience of serving Jesus in another culture. After weeks of stepping out of your comfort zone, learning and growing you will be encouraged to process what God has been teaching you through a debrief session.  Our hope and prayer is that the Lord continues to clarify your place in His rescue mission for the nations.

When do EDGE teams go?

EDGE teams are normally sent out throughout the year around the holiday periods (Easter, summer and Christmas). Specific dates vary but typically include training days, 3-6 weeks of ministry and a time for de-brief. We will confirm details with applicants as soon as they are finalised.


In previous years, teams have travelled to:

– Arabian Peninsula (summer)

– UK (summer)

– Spanish port outreach (summer)

– North Africa (summer)

What would an EDGE team do?

Depending on the short-term team you join, you could be serving God alongside other people in:

– sharing Christ on the streets of a multi-cultural UK city

– distributing New Testaments at a European port

– learning Arabic and witnessing in the Gulf

– reaching out in North Africa

– teaching English in a summer school

How does someone apply for EDGE?

We would love to begin exploring whether the Lord is leading you to join us in reaching the least-reached.

Costs of EDGE trips vary depending on the duration, destination and accommodation arrangements.

The final date for applications for all EDGE teams is normally two months prior to team departure.web-button--get-started

Application deadline is usually 2 months before departure of the teams. For 2017 summer teams, the deadline is currently: 3 April 2017.

For MORE LOCATIONS around the world are arranged by our sister office site, visit www.pioneers-uk/edge .

Looking for a gap year or ministry placement instead?

Consider a Venture placement. Many people have met the requirements of their university or Bible college while getting a glimpse of overseas ministry alongside our long-term workers. Ideal for medical electives and language students. PLACEMENTS (VENTURE)